Attensi's Core Simulation Principles


REALISTIC \ The realism of Attensi simulations, both in environments and mechanics, ensure relevance to work place behaviour

ENGAGING \ Attensi simulations engage the users by employing gamification and interactivity throughout the solutions

IMPACTFUL \ Real-world behaviour and KPIs are directly impacted by the Attensi simulations

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"We clearly see that the stores that use the simulations increase their like-for-like sales growth and customer satisfaction scores."
Ole Fjeldheim, CEO, SPAR og Joker
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User Satisfaction Survey Results

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  • 94%

    “I liked that there was a sense of gaming with the training, with starts and points”

  • 98%

    “It was easy to navigate in the solution”

  • 97%

    “I felt that the training was set up in a good and educational way”

We typically see that the majority of training is done in the evening. 80% of the training activity is typically completed voluntarily in the employees’ spare time.

Amount of training per hour (from 6am to 6am)

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