Pharmaceutical training solutions

It’s fun. It’s effective.
It’s revolutionary.


Just like developments in the pharmaceutical industry, your L&D needs to keep evolving

With higher expectations than ever from patients, regulators and investors, you’ll be looking for pharmaceutical training with impact.

Developed with behavioral psychology, alongside essential industry knowledge and insight, Attensi’s 3D game-based simulation training gives your teams an immersive learning experience that creates real, measurable results.



Better engagement. Better outcome.

Gamified simulation training uses repetition and competition to create training so immersive, your teams will want to keep doing it. It’s time to make training have a real impact on your pharma business.

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Scale your training, simply.

Delivering effective training regularly for everyone in your organization doesn’t need to be a challenge. Develop the skills of your people throughout your whole organization with our industry and role-specific simulations.

Training with measurable impact.

The real success of training comes from behavioural, cultural, and performance transformation in your organisation. Create tangible results and reap the benefits across your business.

Gamified training, with impact you can measure

Our 3D and 2D simulations are designed with psychology and repetition at the centre. Your teams will come back to complete their courses time and time again – without you needing to ask. This repetition improves retention rates and ultimately becomes a much more valuable investment than traditional e-learning methods.

Discover more about the impact of gamification, and why it’s time to leave traditional training behind.

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Case study: Behaviour

Training of employee behaviour in large multinational companies is often costly and complex. Together with a global pharmaceutical company, we developed a simulation to improve coaching and feedback skills, also driving compliance and business planning. The simulation is available in 8 different languages and is used across the globe.

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Deliver learning and development programmes with sustainable results

Data can tell you everything you need to know about the impact of your training programmes.

That’s why we’ll give you regular reports with deep insight into how your gamified training is being used, from time spent learning and in-game scores, to knowledge gap analysis; so you can see results.

Quality and quantity at scale

In a multi-faceted, fast paced industry, you need to deliver impactful training quickly, effectively and regularly and to scale.

With Attensi, you’ll never sacrifice quality for quantity. With our 3D gamified simulations, you’ll provide the excellent internal training you need.

From your manufacturers to your sales team, from new procedures to software, there’s a simulation for all.


Product training

The pharmaceutical industry changes constantly with new product approvals and new product launches. All members of staff must be “fluent” in all aspects of the product before venturing into the field and in front of HCPs.

We helped a global pharmaceutical company with innovative training for launching two new indications, learning about the disease area, pivotal trials, objection handling etc.- closing 93% of the identified learning gap.


Creating real behavioural change in an organisation is when you know your L&D has had a real impact.

We provided a simulation to a large pharmaceutical company to help them improve their coaching and feedback as well as compliance.

This particular simulation is available in eight different languages around the world.


Whether it’s workflow or practical system procedures, an Attensi gamified simulation gets your team prepared.

When a global pharma company approached us to help them adapt to their new procedures, we were happy to help. Their diverse workflow required system-based training.

Every employee at peak performance

Imagine every person in your business with improved skills, better knowledge and more role confidence. Make an uplift in performance throughout your organisation a reality, with gamified training.


Immersive learning experience

Old fashioned e-learning has often been used as a way of getting a job done rather than a way of inciting real behaviour change and skill development.

Attensi gamified simulations provide learners with an opportunity to participate actively in their training with a practical and immersive approach.

Higher engagement

You’ll be amazed at how as soon as you add an element of competition to your learning, how much more engaged your teams will be with their training.

When teams are striving to improve on their scores, they’ll come back time and time again.

Improved trackability

Our unique software provides you with measurable data so you can see direct results from your investment.

Find out how your teams are interacting with the training and how this measures up against your internal KPIs.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to adapt for the future based on the feedback you receive.

Agile, scalable training throughout your organisation.

Pharmaceutical organisations are multi-layered, with many different departments making up the total operation. At Attensi, we’ve created a series of gamified simulations to make sure we’ve got everyone covered.

Ensuring compliance and quality

No matter your industry, it’s important your teams know exactly how you do things. This is especially critical in pharmaceuticals where standards are high and compliance is paramount.

Our simulations help your teams with:

Product and process training

Business systems training

Corporate branding instructions

Brand planning

Launch excellence

Objection handling

Learning the pivotal trials

Ethics and business etiquette

HSE training

pharmaceutical training solutions

Skills development

Our gamified simulations provide immersive experiences, designed to help your teams retain valuable information through practical application. 90% of users commented they enjoy this way of training over traditional e-learning.

Our custom-built simulations can cover:

Industry regulations and guidelines

Manufacturing technologies

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Risk management

Pharmaceutical technical skills

Laboratory operations

Corporate Pharma Training

Covering everyone in your organisation

Our simulations are suitable for a variety of stakeholders. 9 out of 10 users told us they feel this way of working is relevant to their job specifically.

Who we can help:

Managers, engineers and technicians

Sales managers

Business development managers

Sales reps


Brand Managers

Marketing managers

Logistics supply managers


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Training with a difference

Gamified simulation lends itself to training. It’s immersive. It’s based on real human psychology. Most importantly, it delivers measurable impact.



Attensi BEHAVIOUR can be scaled to play through a mobile device, desktop computer, or virtual reality. Your teams will be given personal feedback and scores as they work their way through. This way of working is designed to help tangible behaviour change and skill development in your pharmaceutical organisation.
Your teams will be given personal feedback and scores as they work their way through.

This way of working is designed to help tangible behaviour change and skill development in your pharmaceutical organisation.




These realistic simulations provide valuable training around IT and software based processes.

Help your teams master their workflows quickly and effectively.

Attensi PROCESS includes real time tracking and certification.




Develop your teams’ skills wherever they are in your pharma organisation.

Attensi SKILLS offers category-leading, role specific training across the board.

Whether you want to develop your sales or manufacturing teams, choose from a range of challenging minigames to create your own tailored training modules.




The Attensi PORTAL is a central place to manage all your learning and development.

You can integrate this seamlessly with your existing training resources and pharma learning management systems.




Using Attensi CREATOR, you’ll be able to create bespoke gamified solutions with no coding required.

These solutions can be updated as often as required; ideal for a rapidly changing industry such as pharmaceuticals.



Does Attensi have any experience working with internal medical/legal/regulatory review for the pharma industry and how is this done in practice?

We’ve got plenty of experience working with MLR review through all our previous pharma solutions. We also have employees with background from the pharma sector, too. Our platform enables quick and easy sharing and review of all text and voice within each solution. As well as a structured documentation package containing all text/voice, correct and incorrect answers, the reviewers can also play through the solution in real time.

Do you offer off-the-shelf products or tailor made?

Attensi offers a full suite of customizable solutions, enabling clients to create simulations tailored to their needs, environments, and specific scenarios, with key focus on usability, easiness, and professional quality. Most of our solutions are customized to fit our client’s needs, but we do also offer some off-the-shelf solutions.

What is the typical process for making a project with Attensi?

Our solutions work because they’re built with you in mind.

Our 2D and 3D simulations are designed around your requirements. We take a systematic approach. We’ll outline the learning objectives, the key skills and the behaviour you want your teams to achieve from their course material. Crucially, we’ll discuss how you can measure the impact your simulations have made.

From here, we’ll create your gamified simulation in our software, Attensi CREATOR. Around 80% of your simulation will be based on pre-existing code. The remaining 20% will be bespoke to your pharma organisation.

This means we can deliver customised content in an efficient development time.

Can Attensi work with our third parties/agencies for content creation?

Delivering a great project is all about collaboration. We’ve worked with plenty of medical/scientific third party agencies, and we’re happy to work with your agency on our joint project. We also have our own partnerships in place from relationships we’ve built, so we can also offer medical/scientific subject matter expertise if you need it.

Can Attensi provide medical/scientific subject matter expertise?

Absolutely Attensi have partnerships in place with medical/scientific subject matter experts who can work with you to create your content. We are also happy to work with your existing third party agency if you have one.

Can Attensi provide usage data and reporting?

Yes, The Attensi Technology Platform can give you deep insights into how people use thetraining (playthrough data) and how their competence and behaviour develops over time. As a standard we provide regular reports showing who has played, how often, for how long, how many stars (score) for the different cases. We can also go deeper as well as we in principle can track “everything” the player does within a solution.

What are your language capabilities if we want to localize the games?

We’re used to working with pharmaceutical organisations on a global scale, so we know how important it is to offer training in multiple languages. We now have users in over 70 countries and our simulations have been translated into 17 different languages.

Can Attensi offer integration to our Learning Management System?

Attensi offers standard third-party integrations included in the license fee. Such an integration would typically be: Authentication through Azure Active Directory or LMS integration through flat file synchronization (e.g., json, csv, txt). We’ve worked with plenty of other custom integrations, too – we’re happy to talk about what you need.

Does Attensi have any experience working with sales and product training?

Attensi have experience developing sales and product training both for pharma companies but also for other sectors. With the Attensi Technology Platform and Attensi CREATOR, we can customize the training to your existing sales framework or methodology. We’re skilled at creating highly realistic simulations for your organisation.

Is it possible to tailor the training simulations to multiple markets?

We know that across the globe, language isn’t the only part of your learning content that might need translating. We’re able to create multiple variations of your simulations that are not only translated to other languages, but also accommodate the difference in rules and regulations in different countries.