Realistic and entertaining simulations of IT-centric processes, enabling employees to master new IT programs quickly. Includes both tracking and certification of users.


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Launching a New ERP System with Attensi PROCESS

A major Norwegian retailer used Attensi PROCESS to train all employees in preparation for the launch of a new ERP system and for a major redesign of most core business processes. Key results:

  • 75% lower cost compared to traditional combined classroom and e-learning approach
  • 100% of employees prefer training with Attensi PROCESS compared to classroom training
  • 100% of employees demonstrate 100% mastery of all relevant IT-centric processes before the launch of the ERP-system

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Reduction of training cost


“Training is important, but classroom training is a thing of the past – gamified 3D simulation is the future.”

Runar Myhre, CIO, Bertel O. Steen



Achieving Mastery of IT-Centric Processes

After 4-5 play-throughs of the Attensi PROCESS simulations, the new procedures have been internalised and mastered by employees.


Gamification Drives Repetition, Increasing Adoption of New Processes

The Attensi PROCESS simulations are gamified throughout, which leads to repetition. Repetition is the key to adoption of new processes and changed behaviour. Users feel challenged and activated in the training simulations and a spirit of competition fosters additional voluntary repetitions of training.


hours of additional, repeated training in Attensi PROCESS at a large Norwegian retailer