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Game-based training delivers significant ROI for EQ call centers

Gamified simulation training transforms learning at global share registrar business where top-class customer service means everything 

When global share registrar business Equiniti (EQ) set out to transform its call center onboarding training, the organization turned to Attensi to:


Reduce training time

Design game-based modules that replicate true-to-life customer requests

Deliver onboarding training and learning opportunities for seasoned agents

Help reduce staff churn  

Call centers are the frontline of customer service – confidence and competence are key 

It was a big task, especially when you consider the complexity and scale of the customer services operation at EQ.

EQ provides shareholder support for 2,500 publicly-listed companies all over the world, and EQ’s call centers are the first point of contact for stock owners.

Staff answer queries on every aspect of share ownership and stock dealing, not just from certificate holders themselves but from brokers, attorneys, estate managers and more.

The challenge is magnified when you know that calls are potentially major events for customers – involving investments which represent an individual’s life savings or a family’s financial future.

The pressure to get it right every time, to provide perfect service and expert guidance is immense. It is a shared burden that falls on the shoulders of operations managers from across the globe, including a man from Milwaukee named John Horvath.


Expert-level knowledge

He manages a 120-strong customer care center team – and John knows better than anyone just how crucial great staff training really is.

“Training is integral,” said John, Site Senior Manager, Operations, Product & Client Services.

“The induction process for a new hire is intensive. It’s at least six months before someone is truly comfortable with the subject matter, and able to answer questions with expert-level knowledge, which is what we expect out of our agents.

“The business is unique. It’s a niche segment of the broader financial services marketplace, and the individuals that we’re hiring into agent roles, we’re looking for excellent customer service skills, the ability to communicate effectively with a whole host of different stakeholders. With that we don’t necessarily expect the depth of industry knowledge that other industries might be looking for when they bring people in. We understand that it’s not out there on the street today, so we have to train to that.”

EQ needed a solution that could equip those people with the knowledge to provide expert guidance for callers – and they found that Attensi gamified simulation training was a perfect way of closing that gap in expertise.

Digital natives

EQ and Attensi chose the PROCESS solution, and co-created 15 playable modules based on the real work-life experiences of staff, using realistic avatar and 3D technology, with elements of points-scoring, leaderboards and friendly competition to inject a spirit of fun into the learning. The super-engaging format made learners want to repeat the modules– and that repetition makes knowledge stick. 

Crucially, it also provides a risk-free environment away from live calls where errors don’t matter. People learn in a stress-free space until they are ready to talk to actual customers. 


“Attensi has been helpful in providing that safe practice area where they can try out different processes over and over again until they get it right,” said Emmalene French, Learning & Development Facilitator. 

“They don’t have to worry about changing anything or making mistakes in a live system.” 

Horvath said it is especially successful in the context of a changing employment profile.  

Younger recruits – drawn from the ranks of Gen Z and millennials – are digital natives and tend to take to online learning and games-based training perhaps more readily than more mature colleagues. That’s important at a time when baby boomers are beginning to retire, and Gen X are beginning to think about retiring. 

Caleb is among the employees who have loved the learning. 

“This solution definitely has made me more comfortable in my role,” said the Customer Care Associate. 

“With Attensi, I can always come back to it. If it’s ever something you’re not totally understanding, feel free to come back. You can practice as much as you want, make all the mistakes you can, because in reality that’s what it wants you to do. It wants you to make those mistakes, so you can do better later on.”


Powerful proof

The impact on EQ’s performance and results has been impressive, and it has reached all the goals it set out to achieve at the beginning of the partnership with Attensi.

Numbers don’t always tell the full story of a sweeping cultural change, which is what EQ’s training transformation represents, but in this case, they provide powerful proof of a mission accomplished:



return on investment in reduced training times and staff churn


reduction in training time for new joiners


reduction in times for re-training


of the knowledge gap closed


agree it is an engaging way to learn skills


said it is an effective way to understand processes


said it is an enjoyable part of onboarding or re-training


said it is relevant to their job


Leanne Page, Group Learning Manager, especially loves the decrease in training times.

“The training we had before was approximately five weeks. With Attensi we’ve cut that down to three weeks and one day, so huge changes, and it’s working loads better.”

Attensi also brings business benefits by recording in-depth data which shows how well the learning is working and where extra attention is helpful.

“It provides us the data to look into the back-end application and see how our agents are using it,” said Manager Nick Kalinka.


World-class experience

“It allows us to identify trends. The data analytics behind Attensi allows us to open up many doors into how we want to tailor our training – all very positive stuff.”

Horvath is also convinced.

“Attensi is a utility that helps us achieve our longer-term vision and aspirational goals,” he said. “That’s having self-sufficient customer service agents that can deliver the world-class experience our customers expect.”

Caleb agrees: “It’s perfect and I love it.”



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