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Global hospitality and leisure training solutions

Your people performing at the top of their game is an essential part of running a successful hospitality & leisure business.

When your team is knowledgeable, engaged, and exceptionally well trained then the entire Customer Experience is elevated.  That is what puts your business ahead of the competition.  And it is why you value training that truly drives mastery.

Attensi provides global hospitality & leisure businesses with innovative, digital gamified training that truly engages your people and drives real-world results that you can easily measure and scale.

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Online training solutions for hospitality businesses

Our hospitality training solutions are designed to help businesses in the global hospitality sector that are gearing up to face the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

A highly competitive and dynamic marketplace, ensuring your people are ready to adapt is vital to the success of large hospitality businesses. 

Attensi delivers innovative hospitality training services that give your business the opportunity to up-skill your people in an engaging and meaningful way. 

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Hospitality sector training across international markets

Large hospitality businesses often operate many estates across various cities and countries. 

Attensi provides hospitality training solutions in multiple languages at scale across international markets. Our realistic VR and 3D hotel and restaurant environments deliver engaging hospitality learning in 140 countries and in 30 different languages. 

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Developing your hospitality teams at every level

From front of house to kitchen staff and housekeeping, every individual involved in your hospitality enterprise has an important role to play. 

Attensi’s engaging hospitality training solutions are suitable for people at all levels. From bar and restaurant staff through to suppliers and operations managers, Attensi can deliver training programs for hospitality employees at every stage of their career. 

You’ll also be able to integrate Attensi’s hospitality training solutions with your existing learning management systems. It’s seamless and hassle free!

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Covering all hospitality sector training and learning needs

Hospitality staff onboarding

The staffing levels in your hospitality enterprise often change with the seasons or during a period of growth. 

As you grow your team we can provide hospitality training solutions for:

Onboarding new hires

Seasonal employee training

Franchise staff training

Product & services training

Health and safety training

Customer service

First aid training

Business culture & branding inductions

Hospitality staff skills development

Attensi will help you develop the people you have on the ground with gamified hospitality training solutions for:

CPD accredited training

Customer service skills development

Communication skills

Best practices and refresher training

Training for new products or services or events

Hospitality management training

Whether your business would benefit from hospitality sales training or stock management, Attensi has you covered with solutions that cover all aspects of developing your senior teams. Attensi can assist with:

Training for corporate office employees

People management and communication skills

Restaurant and hotel operations training

Stock management training

Assessment & development (identify talent)

Compliance training

Why simulation based training is the best choice for the hospitality industry

Your hospitality business can see the best benefits from training when you can measure and track results. 

When your people use Attensi, they interact more with the training and engage more. Across all levels of employment, from hotel management to kitchen porters; users of Attensi benefit from our immersive learning experience. 

Whether your people are learning about health and safety or the best way to deal with guests, our solutions put your team into scenarios that are life-like and can prepare your people for any situation in the real world of hospitality. 

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Easy integration with your existing learning management system

Attensi gives you the tools to track and manage all your hospitality training in one hub. This gives your senior teams the opportunity to track and measure your team’s progress and development. 

Attensi can seamlessly integrate with existing learning management systems you already have in place. 

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or other enterprise operating in the hospitality sector, you can track and manage your training easily and effectively. 

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What is gamification in hospitality training? 

Gamified hospitality training solutions provide your enterprise with a new, innovative way to develop the skills of your people. 

Using a combination of advanced 3D modelling and insights into human behaviour and psychology; our innovative training puts employees in life-like scenarios. This method is an alternative to traditional hospitality training. 

Gamification makes hospitality training fun and more engaging while providing your teams with the skills required to ensure your hospitality business runs smoothly.

Can we deliver hospitality training solutions across international markets and in multiple languages?

We’re the global leaders in gamified hospitality training. We recognise the importance of offering our hospitality training services in multiple languages. Currently, Attensi has users in over 140 countries across the world and our simulations have been translated into 30 languages.

Can we create virtual hotels and restaurants for training purposes?

Attensi gives your people access to real life scenarios where they can develop skills in a risk free environment. We offer simulated hospitality environments like virtual hotels and restaurants, giving your teams the opportunity to learn various business critical skills before they go forward to real life situations.

Will Attensi work with 3rd parties or agencies to develop hospitality training content?

A successful hospitality venture is all about teamwork. We have experience working with a wide range of third parties and agencies. We’re happy to work with your agency to develop a hospitality training solution that works for you.

Can we integrate Attensi's Hospitality training solutions within our existing LMS?

Of course! Integration is easy with Attensi. If you’re using an existing hospitality learning management system we’re happy to discuss your requirements with you and we’ll happily provide an integrated training solution.

How can I speak with a hospitality training expert to discuss my needs?

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your hospitality teams hone and develop their specific skill set. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organisation. We’re happy to discuss your individual needs, speak to us today.

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