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We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading retail brands.

We understand the challenges you face in this fast-changing sector.

Our bespoke training solutions boost performance and improve staff retention, inspiring long-term careers in retail.

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Impact at every level

We work with retail brands globally on multi-faceted training solutions for every aspect of this diverse and innovative sector.

Every step of your customer journey matters. With Attensi training, you can inspire and engage staff to make every step count.

From warehouse to checkout, online or frontline – Attensi empowers your people to become exceptional at every level.

Impact with Attensi

It’s in the bag.

26% increase in sales
93% improvement in product knowledge
85% knowledge gap closure
5x faster time to competence
56% reduction in staff turnover
93% love gamified training

Outplay the competition

Kao Salon Division


higher sales

How Kao ironed out the training kinks

The Fragrance Shop


of identified knowledge gap closed after training

Scentsational success: Game-based training helps The Fragrance Shop close 98% of the knowledge gap



increase in units sold by stores who trained most with Attensi SKILLS

2.5x vs 1x Revenue: Bohus’ gamified training impact

Shop the Range – Attensi Training

We understand the challenges you face with recruitment and churn.

Our solutions don’t stop at training and engaging your new recruits at the required pace and scale. We can also help to reduce churn and turn “Quick Quits into long-term brand ambassadors.

You may not be able to offer flexible working hours like other sectors, but you can inspire Gen Z with clear career pathways and ongoing support to reach their goal destinations.

The pathway to success includes small steps, achievable goals and long-term ambitions. Our training suite includes games for self-improvement and personal growth.  

With Attensi, you can see the impact of our sales training solutions in our data analytics tool. We’re extremely proud of our record in advancing sales techniques, consultative competencies, soft skills for sales, upselling and conversions. 

So much rests on the success of middle management.

With Attensi training you can increase the confidence and the performance of your managers. Great leadership is the foundation of progress. Great training builds the foundation for your leadership team to thrive. 

Great onboarding is the springboard to great success.

Get your new recruits engaged, inspired and up to speed efficiently and consistently. With so much ground to cover, our training games make the learning fun and memorable – the best possible start for your employee journey. 

In order to empower people to be their best, we also need to take the best care of our people. We work with retail clients to provide training games that support mental health awareness and promote best practices for workplace wellness.  

Highly competitive and ever-evolving, support your teams to master lead generation and conversions with optimized customer journeys. 

From Health and Safety to GDPR, we make compliance training engaging so that your employees remember the detail and why it is important to ensure that standards never slip.

Realistic simulations mean that your employees can experience the real-life consequences of mistakes in a safe environment. 


Success starts with a simulation

Immersive simulations in realistic environments with authentic scenarios and customer dialogues. Before you check out, check out how BEHAVIOUR simulations deliver impactful learning experiences for our retail clients.

Transforming employee training with Spar

Discover how Spar utilized Attensi BEHAVIOUR, revolutionizing employee engagement, elevating customer satisfaction and increasing turnover.


revenue increase by those who trained the most compared to those who did not complete the training


point increase in-store customer satisfaction compared with the previous year by those who trained the most compared to those who did not complete the training

The word on the highstreet

Are you ready to level up your training?


Here you’ll find the answer to our most frequently asked questions, however if you can’t find your question or answer, fill out the contact form and one of our experts will reach out to you.

Our gamified training solutions for the retail sector are an alternative to traditional learning methods. Built using real human behavior and psychology, gamified training provides authentic retail scenarios for employees. The competitive edge to the training encourages repetition and improved information retention. Most importantly, it makes learning fun again.

We’re used to working with globally renowned retail businesses from all around the world, so we know how important it is to offer training in multiple languages. We now have users across 150+ countries and our simulations have been translated into 50+ different languages.

Absolutely! Attensi offers standard third-party integrations included in the license fee. Such an integration would typically be: Authentication through Azure Active Directory or LMS integration through flat file synchronization (e.g., json, csv, txt). We’ve worked with plenty of other custom integrations, too – we’re happy to talk about what you need.

Delivering a great project is all about collaboration. We’ve worked with plenty of third parties and agencies, and we’re happy to work with your agency on our joint project. We also have our own partnerships in place from relationships we’ve built, so we can also offer retail subject matter expertise if you need it.

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams hone and develop their specific skill sets. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organization.