The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven) entered into force on 1 July 2022, with focus to contribute to the promotion of businesses respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and delivery of services. This includes ensuring that the public have access to information on how businesses handle negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions.

At Attensi we’re committed to transparency and accountability in all our business practices. We believe in providing our customers, stakeholders, and the public with access to information about our operations, financial performance, and policies. In addition, we strive to achieve a culture and business which promotes both employee and human rights. To realize this, Attensi has implemented measures and practices to ensure we are upholding ethical and moral standards and practices both internally and externally, and that our customers, business partners and suppliers do the same.

As part of this commitment, we have established the following practices:

  1. Attensi chooses to work with ethically responsible and professional organisations and ensure, as part of due diligence in our sales process, that prospective partners have adequate principles regarding human rights, employee rights, business ethics, equality, anti-discrimination, forced labour, child labor and the environment. We also closely monitor and follow the Observation and exclusion of companies | Norges Bank Investment Management ( when deciding on which parties to engage with.
  2. We have established an Environment & Sustainability Group with a focus on driving, measuring, and following up on initiatives and measures related to the environment and sustainability. The group consists of appointed employees from each of our company locations, who meet monthly and actively work to discuss, implement, and measure environmental initiatives both at a local and global company level. The
    group reports to the management team.
  3. We take data privacy and information very seriously and are committed to protecting the personal information of our customers and employees. Attensi continues to be ISO 27001 certified and has recently appointed a full time Data Protection Officer managing the effective management and processing of personal data.
  4. We are committed to complying with all relevant and applicable laws and regulations, including those related to anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and environmental protection. We have established policies and procedures to ensure that we operate in compliance with these laws, with our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct going to the core of this.
  5. To maintain trust with our stakeholders, we quality check our compliance by undertaking yearly audits and reviews of our practices. Furthermore, we endeavour to implement necessary improvements in both our polices and processes to safeguard our business and employees, as well as meeting the highest standards of accountability.