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Attensi offers groundbreaking training solutions for the financial services sector. Fast-paced, efficient and impactful solutions for mastery at scale.

Our specialists understand your regulatory responsibilities and your duty to your customers. We take it as seriously as you do.

From the call center to the C-Suite, we tailor solutions to help you leverage your business and deliver KPIs in a complex, competitive and innovative arena.

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Adding value to your business at every level

Together we have impact

75% reduced attrition
90% knowledge gap closure
95% more engaged employees
40% redcution in training time

Attensi game-based training delivers
significant ROI for EQ

Attensi transforms customer services frontline for EQ with impactful training:


return on investment in reduced training times and staff churn


of the identified knowledge gap has been closed


reduction in training time

Simulated training to master real world performance

We discuss simulated training with Mark Cheshire, Former CEO at Lloyds Banking Group and Maureen Philips, Former EMEA Industry Learning Lead at Deloitte.

Building a confident sales
team with Nordea Finance

Improving sales competence and confidence for financial services products.

Effective and efficient training at every level

And we can deliver it at scale.

You want confident, knowledgeable agents at the forefront of your financial services organization.

With game-based simulation training, you can achieve it.

Gain valuable experiences in the virtual world in order to excel in the real world.

It is challenging and fun – providing the opportunity to practice and grow.

Empower the people at the frontline of your organization.

Offer a unique approach to contact center training for your team. Realistic simulations will help your people practice those all-important conversations to help support your customers.

Old-fashioned anti-money laundering training is a thing of the past with Attensi game-based training.

Use immersive simulation training to help agents recognize fraud and money laundering and the process for dealing with it effectively.

Understanding the value chain, delivering at every stage and optimizing processes is key to success.

Get the best out of the value chain by getting the best out of your people with focused training that is fun, engaging and impactful.

We take your regulatory responsibilities as seriously as you do.

Engage your employees with compliance and regulation training so that they understand how to apply it and why it is vital to get it right every time.

Apply the learning to real-life scenarios and experience the consequences of errors and inaccuracies.

Avoid costly mistakes in the real world by training in the virtual world with 3D avatars that will put you through your paces.

Whether upselling or cross-selling, use your Attensi game-based training to grow your teams’ sales confidence.

Improve product and process knowledge that will help your teams learn the sales techniques they need to give your customers exactly what they need, and more.


Help your team to hit the ground running with game-based onboarding training.

From customer service and processes to compliance and regulation, give your new starters the ultimate crash course in your organization with immersive simulation training.

Anti money laundering training

Meet ever-changing regulatory and compliance demands. From treating customers fairly to identifying fraud and potential crimes achieve mastery of knowledge and skills, consistently, at scale.

Are you ready to level up your training?


Here you’ll find the answer to our most frequently asked questions.

Our gamified training solutions for financial services are an alternative to traditional learning methods.

Built using real human behavior and psychology, gamified training provides authentic financial sector scenarios for employees. The competitive edge to the training encourages repetition and improved information retention. Most importantly, it makes learning fun again.

We’re used to working with globally renowned financial institutions from all around the world, so we know how important it is to offer training in multiple languages. We now have users across 150+ countries and our simulations have been translated into more than 50+ different languages.

Absolutely! Attensi offers standard third-party integrations included in the license fee. Such an integration would typically be: Authentication through Azure Active Directory or LMS integration through flat file synchronization (e.g., json, csv, txt). We’ve worked with plenty of other custom integrations, too – we’re happy to talk about what you need.

Delivering a great project is all about collaboration. We’ve worked with plenty of third parties and agencies, and we’re happy to work with your agency on our joint project. We also have our own partnerships in place from relationships we’ve built, so we can also offer financial subject matter expertise if you need it.

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams hone and develop their specific skill set. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organization. Fill out the contact form below and one of our experts will reach out to you.