Meet increasing regulatory and compliance demands

Preventing anti-money laundering and financial crime is something that is only going to become more important in the future.

If your organisation doesn’t maintain high standards of compliance, the repercussions could be severe. From large fines to financial losses, you can’t afford to not keep staff regularly updated and certified.

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A different way of learning

Attensi’s 3D gamified simulations offer a different way of learning. These innovative modules deliver thorough, engaging training experiences across a variety of professional services that deal directly with anti-money laundering and financial crime.

Your teams’ modules will take them through a journey that culminates in certification. Rest assured that your team will have undergone their full training as the only way to achieve certification is to complete the entire simulation.

Whether you need to provide sessions on the latest compliance or onboarding a new team member, Attensi has a simulation for you.

AML certification right in the palm of your hand

Having your staff certified in regulations such as EU Directive 2015/849 and EU’s fourth AML Directive is absolutely crucial for any modern firm dealing with anti-money laundering and financial crime.

Attensi’s mobile-first gamification technology allows your team to carry their training resources with them in the palm of their hand.

This flexible and convenient approach means players can take part anywhere, at any time. Deploying fun, relevant training has truly never been easier.

Delivering online anti-money laundering and financial crime training courses to all corporate levels

Compliance isn’t limited to a specific role. Changes in regulation will impact your entire organisation. You need to make sure you have versatile training ready for all employees at all levels.


AML training that meets regional and international anti-money laundering standards 

Whether your teams need certification in EU Directive 2015/849, EU’s fourth AML Directive, CDD and KYC regulations as well as many others, Attensi can provide certification recognised by the appropriate governmental bodies.

AML training in multiple languages and customised for all corporate levels

Anti-money laundering and financial crime is an international issue. Therefore, it’s only right we help you to deploy training on an international scale.

Attensi’s gamified training is now available in 30 different languages and in action in over 140 countries around the world.

Embed Attensi into your existing learning management system

We only want to enhance your learning and development offering, never hinder it.

That’s why we’ve made it our priority to make it as easy as possible to integrate your Attensi platform with your existing learning management system.

Bridging the AML knowledge gap

When a top Norwegian investment bank needed a comprehensive training solution to certify hundreds of employees in anti-money laundering regulations, we knew Attensi could deliver what they needed.

Having previously relied on e-learning or classroom training to upskill staff, the learning and development team decided it was time for a change. It was this decision that led to creating the AML App.

Within a few short weeks of deploying the AML App, all employees were certified. But this was just the beginning of their learning journey. After certification, the engaging gamified app design led staff to continue to train, recording unprecedented numbers.

After completion, average playthroughs continued for a further 52 minutes, a 108% increase.

Staff completed each scenario an average of more than 8 times.

After certification, staff then completed over 2.5 times as many repetitions to continually improve their scores.

“The AML App has influenced and changed our culture. The training shows the employees how important anti-money laundering is for all functions of the bank. Particularly, employees on the credit side have become even more conscious of assessing and discussing the risk of anti-money laundering. The AML App has increased the understanding of risks and helped employees describe why the risk is high, medium or low.”

– Lena Jørundland, Vice President, Bien Sparebank

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Covering all anti-money laundering needs


AML training for customers and partners

  • Compliance training for inductions and onboarding
  • International teams compliance training
  • Ongoing and regular compliance training
  • Regular e-learning for policies, procedures and controls
  • Client management training
  • External stakeholders AML training
  • Corporate office AML training

Full range of AML training and e-learning solutions

  • Laws, acts and policies
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM)
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Sanctions screening
  • Cryptocurrency AML training
  • Trade-based money laundering
  • Suspicious Transaction Activity Reporting (STAR)
  • Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)

We can meet your AML needs, no matter your industry

  • Banks, financial and credit businesses
  • Independent legal professionals
  • Accounts
  • Tax advisors
  • Auditors
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Company service providers
  • Casinos


Can Attensi deliver AML training solutions for all international compliance standards?

We can work with certification in EU Directive 2015/849, EU’s fourth AML Directive, CDD and KYC regulations as well as many others.

Speak to one of our expert team members to discuss your specific requirements.

Is this training scalable to an international level?

We’re used to working with globally renowned businesses from all around the world, so we know how important it is to offer training in multiple languages. We now have users across 140 countries and our simulations have been translated into 30 different languages.

Can we integrate Attensi’s anti-money laundering training solutions to our existing LMS?

Absolutely! Attensi offers standard third-party integrations included in the license fee. Such an integration would typically be: Authentication through Azure Active Directory or LMS integration through flat file synchronization (e.g., json, csv, txt). We’ve worked with plenty of other custom integrations, too – we’re happy to talk about what you need.

Will Attensi work with third parties or agencies to develop anti-money laundering training content?

Delivering a great project is all about collaboration. We’ve worked with plenty of third parties and agencies, and we’re happy to work with your agency on our joint project. We also have our own partnerships in place from relationships we’ve built, so we can also offer retail subject matter expertise if you need it.

Who can I speak to about what my organisation needs?

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams hone and develop their specific skill set. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organisation.

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“Training is a vital part of the protection of the entire organisation. There is a legal framework and specific requirements to which you must comply, so our App documents all completed mandatory AML training for employees. Knowledge of threats and insight into the vulnerabilities in your organisation is key to building a culture of compliance.”

– Erling Grimstad, CEO/Lawyer, Avdokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad