Health care training

State-of-the-art solutions

Impact where it matters most

Attensi 3D simulations provide the ideal training ground for a wide variety of health care and clinical settings in the public and private sectors.  

Our 3D simulated game-based training solutions give healthcare personnel the virtual space to practice procedures, interact with patients, and ensure best practices in IT processes. 

Quality patient care is the ultimate KPI for our healthcare clients. We cater to every training aspect that helps to deliver the accuracy, care, attention, and efficiency that is required to carry out this responsibility. 

We are proud to work with health care professionals internationally

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Impact at heart

95% reduction in training time
90% ‘could apply their new skills to daily work’
93% knowledge gap closure
3x return on investment
Talk to Me

Giving adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations

‘Talk to Me’ is a free, interactive training simulation designed to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children about abuse, built in collaboration with the NSPCC.

Learn how to build trust, and ensure the young people you come into contact with always feel listened to.

Agile, scalable training throughout your organization

Regardless of role, it is important that your employees understand exactly how things are done and why it is important to maintain consistently high standards.

Errors can have harmful consequences in your world of work. That is why training in the virtual world is so powerful and valuable for the healthcare sector. 

One of the most popular training solutions for our clients in the healthcare sector is on IT systems and processes.

Best practice, high standards and high levels of competency in your systems means better patient outcomes, better management of your health care setting and greater efficiency. 

With constant innovations and developments coming into play the need to be able to provide training solutions fast is in high demand in the healthcare setting.

Our CREATOR tools allow you to create and publish new training modules faster than ever before. It’s a game-changer. 

Great management skills require practice. Our simulations provide the virtual space to make this practice possible in acutely accurate scenarios that provide a realistic, immersive experience.  

Provide highly effective health and safety training that you can scale across your organization.

Risk management and assessments, cleanliness, quality control – experience the consequences of mistakes in the virtual world to keep everyone safe in the real world.  

Helping the NHS deliver exemplary training

Providing hospital staff working for the NHS with a safe, virtual environment to master their procedures and interactions with patients.

By using Attensi PROCESS, their staff can train on new systems and routines within a virtual replica of their workplace.


reduction in training time, from 40 weeks to just 2 weeks


of the identified knowledge gap closed


‘could apply their newly learned skills to their daily work.’

Are you ready to level up your training?


We’re used to working with globally renowned retail businesses from all around the world, so we know how important it is to offer training in multiple languages. We now have users across over 150 countries and our simulations have been translated into more than 50 different languages.

Attensi offers a full suite of customizable solutions, enabling clients to create simulations tailored to their needs, environments, and specific scenarios, with key focus on usability, easiness, and professional quality. Most of our solutions are customized to fit our client’s needs, but we do also offer some off-the-shelf solutions.

Delivering a great project is all about collaboration. We’ve worked with plenty of medical/scientific third party agencies, and we’re happy to work with your agency on our joint project. We also have our own partnerships in place from relationships we’ve built, so we can also offer medical/scientific subject matter expertise if you need it.

Of course! Attensi gives you the tools to track and manage all your training in one centralised hub.  This gives your senior teams the ability to measure progress and development at clicks of a button.

Attensi can fully integrate with existing systems to ensure a seamless end user experience.

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams hone and develop their specific skill sets. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organization.