NHS: Delivering exemplary training

Providing hospital staff working for the NHS with a safe, virtual environment to master their procedures and interactions with patients. By using Attensi PROCESS, their staff can train on new systems and routines within a virtual replica of their workplace.
Safe, effective, consistent patient care at scale, with Attensi gamified simulation training.

4500+ staff trained on new systems
10k+ training hours completed across 6 weeks

Training hospital staff is a serious challenge

Hospitals are one of the few workplaces where ineffective training could be a literal matter of life and death.

The systems on which NHS trusts depend must be rolled out with maximum efficiency and no lapses in consistency. Often under tight time constraints.

And when the amount of already busy staff who need to be onboarded number in the thousands, training can become a major operation.


How the NHS adopted new systems with Attensi PROCESS

An NHS trust needed a training solution to quickly get new and existing hospital staff up to speed with its new systems.

Training through Attensi PROCESS hospital personnel are guided through their new workflows in a safe, repeatable environment.

Each user receives real-time feedback on their performance, with advice on how to improve next time. And the trust has full visibility on which staff are now competent within the systems.


Make every team member a master of your IT processes

Get your staff up to speed with whatever back-end software you use, with Attensi PROCESS. Cut your time to competency down to size with a customizable, interactive training tool that will engage your new staff.

  • Guide new joiners through the IT processes they will use in their roles.
  • Build your own modules with our simple tools, no coding required.
  • Track compliance and competence of your users with real-time analytics.

Are you ready to level up your training?

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