Corporate Leadership Training Solutions


All leadership psychologist agree on one thing: Only by practicing the right leadership behaviour can people develop as leaders. Facilitating such training is however very challenging.

Classroom training, video learning, and e-learning are too passive methods and do not facilitate changed behaviour. Mentoring and real-world role playing are often too costly and difficult to facilitate in large, distributed organisations.

With Attensi BEHAVIOUR global companies can finally provide interactive, realistic, and engaging leadership training that leads to real-world adoption of leadership principles and methodologies.


Training Leadership Behaviour with Realistic Simulations


With Attensi 3D simulations, leaders practice core leadership skills such as coaching and motivating employees, prioritising business challenges, implementing commercial best practice, sales leadership etc. By providing leaders with a risk free, realistic environment to practice, leaders can explore new techniques, learn from experimentation, and adopt new leadership styles and practices. Best of all: The simulations impact real-world leadership behaviour and hence real-world KPIs.

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“The training provided our sales personnel with insights in how to be better partners for the store managers of our customers. Our feedback surveys show that we achieved solid results in the target areas.”

Geir Haugli, VP Sales and distribution, Tine

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Impactful Method for Behavioural Change

90% of participants said that Attensi BEHAVIOUR simulation was a good tool for leadership training. 100% of participants said that the leadership situations were realistic and relevant.

Wide Range of Use Cases for Leadership Simulations

Assessit – a leading Scandinavian executive search and leadership development company, used an Attensi BEHAVIOUR simulation as part of their assessment program for the “Young Leader of the Year” award.

Propel – a global leader in safety training, used Attensi simulations to train naval officers in best practice safety leadership behaviour.

Europris – a leading Norwegian variety retailer developed a comprehensive store manager program, covering areas like employee coaching and development, best practice store management procedures, successful planning and implementation of seasonal campaigns in-store, and best practice use of IT systems to support store sales.

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