Virtual Humans.
Real conversations.

Attensi RealTalk

Finally. Role-play that scales.

Attensi RealTalk is the tool that lets you practice any conversation with realistic and dynamic, virtual humans.

Watch Trond Aas, Attensi CEO, give a demostation of how RealTalk works.

Powered by generative AI. Engineered to maximize learning.

From small talk to big impact

31% improvement in managing tough conversations
96% felt more confident in client interactions
32% increase in confidence in coaching teams
26% improvement in feedback leading to behavior change

Make the hard conversations easy

RealkTalk Attensi Jordan

Master the sales conversation

Elevate your team’s performance and close more deals with confidence.

RealkTalk Attensi Kevin

Become a coaching master

Unlock the power of your feedback and coaching conversations.

RealkTalk Attensi Ruth

Excellent customer service

Beat the comptetition with next-level customer service.

Working with the best

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Powerful interactions start here

RealkTalk Attensi Kevin

Have realistic conversations

Make it your own


Grow with motivational feedback

What people say about RealTalk

Take your interactions to the next level

RealTalk is currently available for a select number of early access customers. Sign up here to speak with us and get early access.