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Introducing a transformative
to learning and development

Generated by AI –
Finessed by the Human Eye

Co-pilot services

Create higher quality content faster than ever before.Autogenerate suggestions, populate gameplay and autotranslate.  

AI Powered creativity

Combine high quality animation, voice recognition and synthetic voice generation for a more impactful solution.   

Meet your Co-pilot for the future

Rocket launch content

Generate content suggestions and populate game-play modules from mini-games and quick quizzes to simulated dialogues and 3D immersive scenarios

Reach new horizons – fast

Let AI do the hard work for you. Fast translations. Personalize content. Integrated with publicly available and customer specific datasets.

Creativity from another world

AI moves the start-line for creativity. Generate creative suggestions to build higher-end 3D characters and acutely realistic virtual worlds.

Our AI Partners

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itsu leverages Attensi AI
for impactful training

Meet Makayla

Your AI powered personal advisor

An interactive experience

Talk freely to Makayla and other AI powered characters. Un-restricted by scripted dialogue. 

Realistic roleplay training

Practice your customer service, sales techniques and leadership skills. Get instant feedback on your interactions.     

Personalized support

Need a workflow assistant? Personal coach? AI driven characters provide a completely personalized experience.    

Are you ready to level up your training?