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Gamified training has the power to radically outperform traditional L&D.

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Truly impactful gamified training is an art and a science.

Attensi is unrivaled in gamified training expertise.

Virtual world training
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19% increase in productivity
5x faster to competence
20x return on investment (ROI)
90% completion rate
6x repetition rate
90% knowledge gap closure

Why gamified training gets superior results

Engagement and repetition

Attensi game-based training motivates higher levels of repetition and practice thanks to highly engaging game-play. Repetition is critical to success.

Progression and rewards

Progress is rewarded – adding to the dopamine effect. This is just as potent in training as in gaming. The fun factor is no laughing matter – it fuels progress.

Live feedback

Make mistakes in a safe environment, with constructive feedback. The only consequences of your actions are progress, competence and mastery of skills.

Realistic simulation

Sophisticated, immersive game design makes for a realistic training experience, improving and testing skills and knowledge in acutely accurate scenarios.

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increase in staff retention in the first few months

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