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Imagine a world where you can create and update bespoke training content in an instant. That’s the Attensi CREATOR Platform. It’s as instinctive as it is impactful. Click, create and unleash engaging content in your organization with no need for technical expertise or coding. Once you start, you’ll never look back.

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One platform – endless possibilities. From onboarding to leadership training, our CREATOR tools provide everything you need to create engaging narratives, fun mini-games and challenging, immersive simulations. With our latest generative AI facilities, it has never been easier or quicker to create impactful training modules.

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CREATOR is highly efficient and empowering – adding value and saving time and money for our clients. Receive tips, prompts and support.

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Your Attensi AI Co-pilot is there to help you create high quality content faster than ever before. Click to AI generate your suggested content. Populate the game-play formats of your choice and edit to perfect your creations.  

SportScheck ups the game with CREATOR

The flexible, easy-to-use nature of CREATOR means Sportscheck is building new modules every day, adding valuable impact for the whole organization.


knowledge gap closure


playthroughs per module on average


like the training and find it relevant to their day-to-day role

Play with purpose

Pick and click the game-play that matches your learning objectives

Pop the question

Bite-sized learning with impact – select from our suite of quick quizzes and fun skills games that will have your trainees tapping, swiping and sliding their way to success. Upload correct and incorrect answers along with a few close calls to keep it interesting. Drag and drop in fun gaming favorites including satisfactory sound effects, point-score celebrations and motivational captions.

Pick your pathways

Choose your avatars and build dialogue pathways so that your trainees can experience the consequences of their choices – the good, the bad and the sub-optimal. Challenge them with difficult customers in realistic scenarios. Add to the experience with facial expressions, tone of voice and subtle cues. Provide feedback and context to help your trainees progress.

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