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Training employees to use IT systems and processes well is critical to business success. From customer service in the contact centre to patient care in clinical settings, achieve mastery with PROCESS.

Attensi PROCESS solutions not only make IT and systems training engaging, but the learning outcomes are outstanding. It’s a safe space to learn from mistakes. We replicate your systems and create realistic scenarios.

Consistency is key and we can deliver it at scale. Don’t just learn how the system works but how to work the system to optimize performance across your entire organization. Accurately measure and report results.

Game the system

95% hands-on mastery of new processes
100% ‘the training is relevant to my job’
3x return on investment
95% reduction in training time
88% knowledge gap closure

Game-based training delivers significant
ROI for EQ call centers

Gamified simulation training transformed learning at global share registrar business EQ where top-class customer service means everything.


return on investment in reduced training times and staff churn


of the knowledge gap closed


said the training is relevant to their job

Certify in the virtual world.
Excel in the real world.

attensi process

Simulated training for real-world success

By capturing and simulating the real cases that your learners will face in their jobs, we motivate them to repeat and succeed. It’s not enough to explain to users how your IT systems work – we get them to experience what your systems do.

PROCESS grows with your systems

We know that systems change over time, from their interfaces to their deep mechanics. PROCESS is designed to be easily and rapidly updated with our user-friendly CREATOR tool. With our AI-tool updated training is only a few clicks away.

BEHAVIOUR characters cover

Real-life context

Immersive dialogues and scenarios in PROCESS mean that your people aren’t just using systems – they’re helping people, solving problems, and handling difficult situations. Complicated callers, clueless colleagues, impatient patients – animated 3D avatars bring your world of work to life.

Powered by the Attensi PLATFORM

Industry leading cloud technology

Cloud based SaaS Platform

  • Available 24/7
  • No hardware or infrastructure cost
  • Powerful integration and identity and access management interfaces

No code tool set

  • Rapid and improved content management
  • Easy application for IT management
  • Empower and engage business users

Next gen 3D simulation engine

  • Realistic 3D characters, environments, voices and lighting
  • Powerful simulation gameplay and authoring tools
  • Fun progression and scoring systems

Multi-platform support

  • Suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Powerful support for VR, AR and MR platforms
  • Supports master data management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) models

Thorough big-data analytics

  • Unique learning insights and performance management
  • Improve engagement through real-time feedback and analysis
  • Improve the quality of future KPIs using big data

Security and privacy by design

  • ISO-27001 certified organization and platform
  • GDPR compliant
  • Diligent with information security management and digital rights management

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