Attensi CREATOR is your personal tool kit for creating your own gamified simulation training solutions.

Build your gamified scenarios and as many modules as you need, with no coding required.

Continually update with new and revised content as you see fit, and collect user feedback with custom surveys.

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Design and customise your ideal gamified training



Build your own training in record time


A leading Scandinavian capital goods retailer uses Attensi CREATOR to build all their product training simulations.

After a workshop of only 2 hours, the product team had learned how to use Attensi CREATOR and were able to create and update their own product training.




“With the launch of Attensi CREATOR, we are opening up our technology platform to customers, so that they can create new, tailor-made simulations themselves.”

Anne Lise Waal, CEO of Attensi

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