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 Attensi CREATOR

Attensi CREATOR enables content creators in organizations across the world to create high impact, gamified simulations.

Build your gamified scenarios and as many modules as you need, no coding required.

Continually update your simulations with new and revised content as you see fit. And see how you can build better training by collecting user feedback with custom surveys.

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Design and customise your ideal gamified training

Anyone can be a CREATOR

“With Attensi CREATOR, we open up our technology platform to customers, so that they can create new, tailor-made simulations themselves.”

Trond Aas, CEO & Co-Founder Attensi

No coding experience necessary

You don’t want to be spending precious hours trying to navigate complicated code. 

Attensi CREATOR gives you simple tools to design your training your way.

Not a static training solution

Your teams don’t stand still. And neither should your training. 

With CREATOR, you have the power to update and modify your modules as many times as you need

Completely tailor made to your organisation

One size doesn’t fit all. 

Build training that is completely unique to your organisation – simulating your environment, your customers and your processes.

The simple way to build complex simulation training 

Using the 25 available tools in CREATOR, simply pick and click and you’ll see your training start to form. 

Proactively use the valuable insights and feedback from your team to mold your future modules.

Giving your training the human touch

Never underestimate the power of human content in your training. 

Not only does it prepare your teams for real-life conversations and situations, but the interactive nature of having a ‘chat’ with your avatars also helps players to retain valuable information.

It’s all in the details

You can learn a lot from a simulation that you can’t always experience in more traditional classroom learning. 

From facial expressions, body language and spoken answers, you can programme your avatars to be as authentic and as close to real life in your organisation as possible.

How Itsu changed their training game

“Attensi is the solution I’ve been looking for for a long time.” 

– Harry Housen, People Director, Itsu

A staple of many high streets for over 20 years, Itsu were looking for a way to create a more engaging, and more proactive way of learning for their staff. 

Using Attensi CREATOR has allowed People Director, Harry Housen and Learning and Development Manager, Marie Douvan to deploy entertaining, relevant training to staff across their branches. 

“We created a new module in 15 minutes, and people are creating more modules without being asked, because they want to, because they’re having fun.” 

– Marie Douvan, Learning and Development Manager

 Industry leading cloud technology

Attensi CREATOR is powered by the Attensi Platform, an industry leading software-as-a-service platform to manage and develop your content, users, and access policies.


Cloud based SaaS Platform

  • Available 24/7
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure cost
  • Powerful integration and identity and access management interfaces

No code tool set

  • Rapid and improved content management
  • Easy application for IT management
  • Empower and engage business users

Next gen 3D simulation engine

  • Realistic 3D characters, environments, voices and lighting
  • Powerful simulation gameplay and authoring tools
  • Fun progression and scoring systems

Industry leading multi-platform support 

  • Suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Powerful support for VR and AR platforms
  • Supports master data management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) models

Thorough big-data analytics 

  • Unique learning insights and performance management
  • Improve engagement through real-time feedback and analysis
  • Improve the quality of future KPIs using big data

Security and privacy by design 

  • ISO-20071 certified organisation and platform
  • GDPR compliant
  • Diligent with information security management and digital rights management
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