Attensi CREATOR is the proprietary technology platform that is used to create all Attensi simulations. With flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use software tools for creating simulations, Attensi CREATOR significantly reduces the configuration time and cost for developing new simulations. Furthermore, the rich and rapidly developing feature set ensures that Attensi simulations remain highly realistic, varied, innovative, and impactful.

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Case Example

A leading Scandinavian capital goods retailer uses Attensi CREATOR to create all their product training simulations. The product team of the retailer has access to Attensi CREATOR and can quickly update existing product training simulations or create new simulations. After a workshop of only 2 hours, the employees of the product team had learned how to use Attensi CREATOR and was able to create their own Attensi SKILLS solutions.


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“With the launch of Attensi CREATOR, we are opening up our technology platform to customers, so that they can create new, tailor-made simulations themselves.”

Anne Lise Waal, CEO of Attensi

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