Erling Grimstad:
AML Certification in the palm of your hand

The AML app engages and certifies your people with a range of gamified modules that are regularly updated and provides proof of completion after their training.

Created together with AML legal experts Erling Grimstad

This is the AML App

Get your staff certified and compliant with money laundering regulations such as EU Directive 2015/849 and EU’s fourth AML Directive.

Cut your training and onboarding time down to size, with an engaging format proven to boost knowledge retention.

All through a device your people are already comfortable with – their phone.

The AML App uses a range of gamified tasks and interactive
challenges to engage your people like no standard e-learning solution ever could

Gamify learning like never before

Bring your existing learning materials to life with interactive challenges that motivate your people.

Talk with virtual customers and colleagues in dynamic scenarios designed to prepare learners for real life AML challenges.

All modules have been created and vetted by anti-money laundering legal experts at Erling Grimstad.

Get detailed summaries of your team’s progress – see where they excel and where they get stuck.

Encourage some friendly competition and motivate your people with live leaderboards and scoring.

How one of Norway’s leading investment banks bridged the AML knowledge gap

A top Norwegian investment bank needed a comprehensive training solution to certify hundreds of employees in anti-money laundering regulations. The bank’s L&D team had previously relied on e-learning or classroom training to upskill staff with mixed results.

With the AML App, all employees were certified within a few weeks. But their learning journey did not stop there. After certification, the engaging gamified app design led staff to continue to train, recording unprecedented numbers:

  • After completion, average playthroughs continued for a further 52 minutes, a 108% increase.
  • Staff completed each scenario an average of more than 8 times.
  • After certification, staff then completed over 2.5 times as many repetitions to continually improve their scores.


Who is the AML App designed for?

All companies and enterprises have a responsibility to prevent misuse for money laundering purposes, as stated in EU’s fourth anti-money laundering directive (DIRECTIVE (EU) 2015/849), article 46 (1). In order to safeguard this social responsibility, employees of the company must know how to detect customers, suppliers, partners, or others who abuse the enterprise to conceal or launder proceeds of criminal offenses.

  • The AML app upskills employees on how money laundering occurs and what they can do to prevent it.
  • The AML app ensures that employees receive the training required by the European Banking Authority (EBA) Guidelines, contributes regular updates, and provides documentation that employees have completed this training.

Are you ready to level up your training?

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