Nordea Finance: Building a confident sales team

Learn why Attensi’s scalable training solutions were the perfect fit for Nordea Finance.

Building a confident sales team

For international bank Nordea to maintain and improve on their high standards, introducing quality, scalable training is absolutely crucial. Therefore, when it came to the Nordic bank’s Finance team finding their next training solution, Attensi seemed like the perfect fit.

With experience in both professional services and automotive industries, it seems only right that Attensi stepped in to provide the gamified training solutions needed for the future.


The challenges

1. Confident product knowledge

For Nordea, ensuring that their partner dealerships are equipped with all the information they need to do their job well is highly important.  

One of their key objectives for undergoing a digital training transformation was to arm these partners with a modern set of training tools that would improve knowledge and confidence in their salespeople.  

2. Consistent, scalable training

The team within Nordea understood that confident employees not only feel more fulfilled in their roles but also typically generate more sales. A win-win all around.  

Like any large organisation, consistency is key. When trying to establish a good brand reputation, you need to know your customers are getting the same experience, wherever they are in the world. Making this a reality requires organisations to know the training they’re delivering is flexible enough to adapt per area, but consistent enough that everyone learns the same core fundamentals.  

The big question was how to find a training partner that would deliver all the information required at scale and at the same level across the board. After all, no one wants to run the risk of things getting lost in translation.  

3. Making training impactful and relevant

We’re all familiar with that ‘meeting that could have been an email’ feeling, right?

If you’ve ever been in a training situation where you feel like what’s being taught isn’t relevant, chances are, you probably switch off and think about what you’re going to have for lunch.  

Nordea Finance knew that they didn’t want the sale sales people to feel this way. But how were they going to ensure there was relevant training materials for everyone at all levels?  


The results speak for themselves

After consultation between the experts at Nordea Finance and Attensi’s game changers, it was decided that Attensi SKILLS would be the best fit for Nordea’s partner dealerships. But how did they get on? Well, the results are pretty clear.

Nina Arnessen, Local Relationship Manager, Nordea Finance, explains that the results of implementing Attensi SKILLS are clear to see.

Already, she can see that employees are playing for approximately one hour on average. They’re also playing their modules multiple times. These kinds of scores are unheard of with previous training.

We’re thrilled to have been asked to collaborate with Nordea on this project, and we can’t wait to see what they add to their SKILLS platform next.

Employee confidence improved

The gamified simulation aspect gives participants the opportunity to really take control and ownership over their learning. This independence means that not only can they make their training work around their schedules, but they can also focus on where their knowledge gaps are and take steps to fill those.

As seen here, even seasoned professionals, like Lars, can still learn something new from this kind of training. Some people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, at Attensi, we’re inclined to disagree.

Gamified simulations are an excellent way to give your teams room to make mistakes in a safe space without any severe consequences to your bottom line.

You’ll give them the freedom to experiment and try new things. Things they might not have felt able to do in front of a customer. Interacting with the realistic avatars, they’ll soon see the kind of skills they can take with them in their day-to-day working life and what should be left in the locker for another time.

A scalable training solution

Attensi’s innovative mobile-first training solutions are simple and easy to roll out to scale. Nordea is now able to reach their entire dealership network with new material in a matter of minutes.

It couldn’t be easier to keep an entire network of organisations up to date with the latest training materials. In an industry with changing regulations, compliance, rates and deals, this has been extremely useful for Nordea.

Training that packs a punch

Attensi’s training solutions are centred around a collaborative approach. You lead the way, we’ll do the rest. Nordea made sure that some of their most experienced salespeople were involved in the creation and testing of their SKILLS simulations.

The feedback from those taking part in the training in the dealerships is that the modules are very realistic and relevant to their roles. Every player has the ability to play through their modules and see a range of outcomes depending on their decision-making.

Players have fed back that this interactive and immersive style of training is both impactful and highly motivating. Particularly amongst the competitive salespeople, the leaderboards add that extra incentive to play regularly and play well.

And the proof is in the playthroughs.

Are you ready to level up your training?

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