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Attensi SKILLS

This is not your standard mobile e-learning solution.

Attensi SKILLS creates organisational impact and engages your people with games and interactive challenges.

Choose from a range of challenging minigames to create your own tailored training modules.

Track the performance of your teams and measure results against your KPIs.

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Challenge. Engage. Repeat.

Made to be mobile

This groundbreaking mobile-first approach allows your teams to play our flexible, bitesize mini games on the go, whenever suits their busy schedules best.

Legitimate, sophisticated gaming engines

Combine all the fun elements of sophisticated gaming technology with your organisation’s essential information.

Modules your teams want to come back to

We merge the best elements of gaming with behavioural and psychological insights to create immersive, interactive, highly engaging learning experiences.

Training for the everyday

Create realistic, everyday scenarios in your modules that feel relevant and provide an enlightening experience to your users.

Every day is an ‘aha!’ moment!

How BSH Home Appliances Northern Europe used gamified training to increase sales by over 25%

Physical retailers are constantly in competition with their online counterparts. Creating a memorable and enjoyable in-store experience with excellent product knowledge is what sets physical retailers apart. BSH Appliances Northern Europe knew they needed to provide a high-end service with highly knowledgeable associates.

They approached Attensi about developing a next-generation training solution to aid with product knowledge.

The goal? Simple. Improve in-store sales through improved product knowledge.

The pilot scheme was deployed in 20 stores and focused at first on Bosch and Siemens high-end washing machines – each with auto-dosing features.

The results? Well, they speak for themselves:


Stores, where associates received the training, saw a 26.2% increase in sales of the appliances, while stores that did not take part in the training saw a 13% decrease.

Feedback from staff was also positive, with 100% of those who received the training agreeing it improved their ability to recommend products to customers.

Staff willingly spent 90 minutes or more “playing” training apps, resulting in 93% improvement in product knowledge.

There’s something for everyone

Attensi SKILLS will speak to every kind of learner. After all, gaming is universal.



Every scenario in your Attensi SKILLS contains 10-15 minigames – a powerful method to enhance your teams’ knowledge.

Dialogue authoring tools

Interact with virtual characters with realistic and relevant dialogue.

Map learner journeys

Give your training modules context. Easily map out your learning journey with the illustrated maps feature.

Battle mode

Teams have the chance to go against each other in battle mode.

Who will come out on top?


Gain points and work your way up the leaderboard. Watch as the competitive instincts come out and players engage more in the game.


Add supporting documents to your modules using the Wiki function. Your team can literally carry their documents in their pocket.


Your teams will feel a sense of achievement when they become certified. Managers can easily keep track of who’s completed their modules and when.


We’ve included a range of tutorials throughout SKILLS. Your team will soon be navigating their way around your Attensi platform with ease.

Erling Grimstad stays ahead of the game

“Attensi creates gamified training simulations, which like playing any game are much more interactive and enjoyable – you have to really demonstrate understanding at each stage of the playthrough in order to advance forward and ultimately be certified.”

During a period of new AML regulations being introduced, Erling Grimstad teamed up with Attensi to produce an app that would support their team in their compliance and knowledge of the changing regulations.

“With the AML App employees can be certified within days. But their learning journey doesn’t stop there – after certification, the enjoyable nature of a gamified training process leads staff to continue to train. We have recorded unprecedented engagement numbers.”

The content is regularly updated to reflect any new legislation and emerging trends and patterns in criminal activity. Our latest work with Erling Grimstad is focusing on developing the in-play dialogues, as these scenarios have been the most motivating and practical side of the AML app.

To see how Attensi can help your organisation, speak to one of our experts now.

Scale your SKILLS

Delivering quality training at scale has always been a challenge facing some of the world’s biggest organisations.

This mobile-first technology couldn’t be easier to scale up in your organisation.

Keep track of leaderboards, dive into the latest minigames and engage your teams without borders.

Onboard with Attensi SKILLS

Time, money, finding a venue, gathering large groups in one place – onboarding training has had its challenges.

Attensi SKILLS is a superfast, convenient and flexible way of introducing your new team members to your organisation in an informative and exciting way.

Combine your Attensi SKILLS and Attensi PROCESS platforms, and your newest recruits will be ready to go in no time.

Nurture your talent

Upwards of 93% of modern employees say they would stay at a company longer if they offer a quality learning and development programme?

All Attensi minigames are designed to be done in repeatable, bitesize sessions. Complete the modules as many times as you like and refresh on any given skill.

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Industry leading cloud technology

Attensi SKILLS is powered by the Attensi Platform, an industry-leading software-as-a-service platform to manage and develop your content, users, and access policies.

Cloud based SaaS Platform

  • Available 24/7
  • No hardware or infrastructure cost
  • Powerful integration and identity and access management interfaces

No code tool set

  • Rapid and improved content management
  • Easy application for IT management
  • Empower and engage business users

Next gen 3D simulation engine

  • Realistic 3D characters, environments, voices and lighting
  • Powerful simulation gameplay and authoring tools
  • Fun progression and scoring systems

Industry leading multi-platform support

  • Suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Powerful support for VR, AR and MR platforms
  • Supports master data management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) models

Thorough big-data analytics

  • Unique learning insights and performance management
  • Improve engagement through real-time feedback and analysis
  • Improve the quality of future KPIs using big data

Security and privacy by design

  • ISO-20071 certified organisation and platform
  • GDPR compliant
  • Diligent with information security management and digital rights management
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