Fun training on the smartphone, with a feature-rich simulation platform for competence training. High learning effect through stimulating and engaging repetition games.

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Attensi SKILLS Used as an Onboarding Tool

A leading Scandinavian variety retailer used Attensi SKILLS to train new warehouse employees. In the two weeks leading up to their start date, employees trained in an Attensi SKILLS simulation and learned how to follow standard operating procedures and use the warehouse system. Employees training with Attensi SKILLS improved their on-the-job efficiency by 19% compared to other employees.

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Increased work rate measured as deliveries packed and shipped per hour per employee


“By using the Attensi SKILLS simulation, we saw a marked improvement in efficiency for our new employees.”

Warehouse Manager at Scandinavian variety retailer


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Attensi SKILLS Impact

A leading Scandinavian Home Design retailer used Attensi SKILLS to raise their employees’ product knowledge of all store products from an average of 50% to a new average of 95%. The stores where the employees trained the most saw a direct impact on monthly revenues from the training, with a 4.6% higher like-for-like growth in the months following the launch of the training program.

Ethics and Compliance

A large car distributor used an Attensi SKILLS simulation to train all employees in corporate ethics. In just 6 weeks of training, 100% of the employees were certified in the code of conduct regulation of the company.

A large number of customers use the Attensi SKILLS simulation for GDPR training of all their affected employees. Together with the renowned law firm Selmer, Attensi has developed a fun, interactive and gamified Attensi SKILLS simulation that enables companies to ensure that 100% of their employees are trained and certified in GDPR ahead of the launch of the new Europe wide regulation.



Certification rate for employees