Put your Sustainability and ESG training front and center

Could your organization shape the future through sustainability and ESG training? Yes.

What is sustainability training?

Sustainability training is your way of educating teams and stakeholders about how you can balance your business goals and objectives with minimal damage to the planet.

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From climate and biodiversity to net zero innovations, it’s safe to say corporate sustainability training goes far beyond simply going paperless (though every little thing helps).

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It’s clear that every industry from Financial and Professional Services to Manufacturing, Healthcare and Retail stands to gain from sustainability and ESG training.

The different types of sustainability and ESG training

Sustainability and ESG training vary in scope, tailored to your organization’s needs. Explore diverse training options and offer engaging, relevant sessions for your teams.

It’s understandable why environmental awareness and conservation are increasingly becoming topics of interest and importance within sustainability training. Internally, you may use this training to help employees better understand how they can minimize their environmental impact at home and work. You might use it as an exercise to bring people together for a common cause (supporting the work of a charity for example). 

Alternatively, it could be an introduction to resource management and waste reduction. A focus on awareness and conservation could be a really useful way to give your team context and motivation to improve operational functions.

Forming part of your ESG training, social responsibility, and ethical practices focus heavily on people. Social responsibility might be encouraging individuals to take action that benefits society. This can apply to inside and outside the workplace. 

Ethical practices examine how organizations and individuals can ensure everything they do is achieved without exploitation or causing harm in any way. Training in this area may include helping teams to recognize ethical practices and how to identify and report anything they feel is unethical. 

Rule breaks, lying and unhealthy work environments make up over 80% of unethical behavior in organizations¹. It’s clear that social responsibility and ethical practices are still a crucial part of your sustainability and ESG training.

Excessive waste and exploitation of resources is a global issue. All of that waste requires resources and materials to manufacture. 

Gaining a better understanding of how materials and resources are sourced and used may be a key factor in reducing waste in your organization. 

You may also wish to include customer training solutions into your learning and development – helping your clients or customers how to get the most out of your products and services and minimizing excess waste.

To create a sustainable supply chain, organizations need to blend environmentally responsible and ethical practices from end-to-end; from raw material sourcing and logistics to recyclability. 

You might want to use your sustainable supply chain training as a way of ensuring everyone in your organization understands the life cycle of your product or service, and how their roles and responsibilities contribute to the success of the process.

Innovation forms a huge part of sustainability training. Any industry that involves high-volume manufacturing or production may want to consider how they can learn more about green energy and renewable technology. 

Whether you’re training your teams on your latest innovations or using the training as an introduction, this can be a valuable piece of education for everyone in your organization.

Sustainability success starts with a simulation

How can sustainability training benefit my organization?

Even the smallest changes, like ditching paper, can support financial savings. There is also plenty of energy-efficient technology now available. This is an opportunity for you to see a real return on investment, and be environmentally aware at the same time.

Research suggests that we as consumers are more willing to spend on products or services deemed environmentally conscious². 

It’s clear that investment in sustainability could go a long way in strengthening your brand reputation.

Be mindful of ‘greenwashing’. This is where an organization claims to be environmentally conscious but isn’t actually making any genuine sustainability efforts.

Nearly 70% of candidates take an organization’s environmental record into account when researching and applying for roles³. Environmentally conscious Gen Z has now even come to expect sustainability benefits from their employers⁴.

It looks as though investing in both sustainability initiatives and training will play a huge part in organizations being able to attract and retain talented employees in the coming years.

We only get one planet. It’s all of our jobs to do what we can to take care of it, and the people on it. 

If nothing else, your organization will benefit from knowing you’re making the effort to make a positive difference.

Attensi sustainability training

There are a number of ways Attensi can support you to deliver your sustainability and ESG training that doesn’t involve sitting in a classroom all day:

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Gamified training – help your team master skills and learn new knowledge through the act of gaming

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Personalization – relevant, highly specific training personalized to someone’s roles and responsibilities

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Interactive, engaging content – engage your teams with highly immersive, interactive modules, content, and assessments

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Accessible mobile content – give your teams the flexibility to learn anywhere, any time

What can Attensi bring to my sustainability training? 

A highly immersive learning experience

Using advanced technologies like VR, AR, and 3D, Attensi brings sustainability discussions to life, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in scenarios and triggering emotional responses for a lasting impact.

Microlearning using bitesize delivery

Microlearning offers short, sharp bursts of information, making it highly accessible and easily adaptable to busy schedules and preferred devices, enhancing knowledge retention and engagement rates.

Attensi offers customized sustainability training solutions

Sustainability management training should support your leaders in clear goals and objectives they can feedback to wider teams. Attensi’s gamified leadership training will leave them feeling empowered and passionate about your organization’s sustainability and ESG goals.

Do you need sustainability training that’s going to create organization-wide behavior change? 

With Attensi’s gamified corporate training, you’ll have a highly engaging, adaptable and scalable solution.

Attensi will help you set out clear objectives and KPIs. This will hopefully help you engage and incentivize your teams.

Maybe you already have a solid learning and development program, but you want to add that little something extra. Attensi will integrate your sustainability and ESG training into your existing LMS.

You may be finding the success of your sustainability training hard to quantify. If that’s the case, Attensi will help you define clear, meaningful metrics that you can use to make the content even better in the future.

Did you have sustainability training in place that’s now no longer relevant? With Attensi CREATOR, you can adapt and update your content as often as you need to keep up with changing trends and new insights.

If you’re ready for sustainability and ESG training that encompasses all of these things, it’s time to speak to Attensi.

Get ready to level up your training


Sustainability training educates teams and stakeholders on balancing business goals with minimal environmental impact, covering topics from climate and biodiversity to innovative net zero solutions.

Training varies, including environmental awareness, social responsibility, resource management, sustainable supply chain, green energy, and more.

Empowering employees with sustainability knowledge can lead to cost savings, enhanced reputation, talent attraction, and retention, while making a positive environmental impact.

Yes. The future is reliant on collaboration and teamwork. We realize the importance of working together and we’ve worked with a number of 3rd party agencies for content creation. We work tirelessly to ensure we provide up to date and accurate information in our simulations.

Yes. You can easily integrate Attensi’s training solutions with your existing learning management system. We have plenty of experience integrating existing learning management systems across the industry. We’re happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.

Of course! We realize the importance of offering sustainability and ESG training in multiple languages to suit the needs of global organizations. Attensi has users in more than 150 countries across the world and our simulations have been translated into over 50 languages.


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