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Attensi PORTAL

All your learning and development content in a gamified, central hub. 

Attensi PORTAL is the place to access all your content, build your profile and stay ahead of the game (literally). 

Manage your modules, climb the leaderboard and watch how your teams improve.

A customisable, flexible learning hub

Make your learning and development platform the place to be. 

Show your commitment to your teams’ training by adding your distinctive brand assets to your Attensi PORTAL. Let your team know that quality training is something that’s here to stay. 

Not only will that motivate your existing employees, but it’s also a great start for any new recruits in the future.

Celebrate the individuals in your team by designing specific journeys (depending on their role) within each team member’s PORTAL to support their unique learning goals. 

For example, you may choose one journey for your sales team and another for your managers. Each group will receive tailored content designed to help them improve their role specific skills.

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Built for you

Everyone’s PORTAL will look different. Your virtual world will be designed specifically for your organisation.

You’ll find everything you need within your PORTAL, including content modules, leaderboards and events on your very own ‘for you’ page.

Play anywhere, anytime

Our bite-size gamified learning tools are compatible with both desktop and mobile. 

You won’t need to sacrifice your teams’ busy schedules with lengthy lessons. 

Access your modules at the most convenient time for you.

Upload your existing resource library

Attensi PORTAL supports all the major file types – meaning you can enrich your learning library with your existing training materials alongside your Attensi gamified simulations. 

Supported training materials include: videos, apps, documents, Tin Can URLs, SCORM and AICC.

All your Attensi platforms in one place

Create a seamless learning experience. Your Attensi SKILLS, PROCESS and BEHAVIOUR integrate smoothly with your PORTAL. With no installations required, it couldn’t be simpler to access the multimedia content of your Attensi simulations.

Engagement through gamification

We’ve used the principles of behavioural psychology and to design mini-games that are motivating and repeatable. This repetition is the key factor in retaining information in the long term. 

Watch as your teams start to earn points. As we all know, points win prizes. As they climb the leaderboard, they’ll complete their sessions as a master of that skill.

Learn on the go

Log into your Attensi PORTAL at any time, in any place on any device. Our gamified simulations can be accessed on mobile, PC, Mac and tablet. 

Whether it’s during break time, coffee time or the commute to work, your PORTAL can be accessed across your devices to make learning a seamless, simple experience for all. 

Worried you’ll lose your progress? All your results will be saved in your Attensi PORTAL and in the cloud-based Attensi PLATFORM. Simply pick up where you left off and jump straight back into the game.

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Engaged teams make successful businesses

“With Attensi I have, for the first time, witnessed significant improvements in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and store sales derived directly from a training tool. This actually works!”

Bjørn Kalmér, Training Manager, Skeidar

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Analyse your impact with Attensi IMPACT

Know that your training is delivering real life impact. Measure and analyse the results from your learning and development efforts with Attensi PORTAL. 

From mapping user progress and completion to identifying any skill gaps, to creating products and personalising the layout of your PORTAL, you’ll have a clear picture of the direction to take your training in the future. 

Use real data and insight as a solid foundation for your learning and development programme.

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Manage your events with Attensi PORTAL

In addition to managing your Attensi platforms, you’ll be able to deliver the perfect blend  of live learning and virtual learning events within your PORTAL. 

Participants will have the ability to sign up to their preferred dates. Using a simple view, they’ll have a clear overview of all the sessions as well as the number of spaces available for each event. 

Alternatively, you can assign specific dates to specific team members if you’d prefer them to attend a certain session. 

From managing sign ups and invitations to hosting your latest classroom session or webinar, Attensi PORTAL is your teams’ place to be for all things learning and development, whether that’s in person or in your virtual, simulated world.

“Attensi PORTAL is an ideal solution for us to track the competence and training completion rates of all our staff. They find PORTAL much more motivating to use than our old LMS.”

HR Director, European Variety Retailer

 Industry leading cloud technology

Attensi PORTAL is powered by the Attensi Platform, an industry leading software-as-a-service platform to manage and develop your content, users and access policies.

Cloud based SaaS Platform

  • Available 24/7
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure cost
  • Powerful integration and identity and access management interfaces 

No code tool set

  • Rapid and improved content management 
  • Easy application for IT management 
  • Empower and engage business users

Next gen 3D simulation engine

  • Realistic 3D characters, environments, voices and lighting
  • Powerful simulation gameplay and authoring tools 
  • Fun progression and scoring systems

Industry leading multi-platform support 

  • Suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Powerful support for VR and AR platforms 
  • Supports master data management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) models

Thorough big-data analytics 

  • Unique learning insights and performance management 
  • Improve engagement through real-time feedback and analysis 
  • Improve the quality of future KPIs using big data

Security and privacy by design 

  • ISO-20071 certified organisation and platform
  • GDPR compliant 
  • Diligent with information security management and digital rights management
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