Tracking, reporting and analytics in comprehensive, gamified portal that makes measuring and sharing results easy and intuitive. With Attensi PORTAL, even reporting is a fun game. It is a control and engagement center that you can log into to track employee progress and ensure that you’re achieving your key business objectives.

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Track – Measure – Report – Relax

The Attensi PORTAL enables customers to achieve real-world, operational change. Yet the user-interface is simple and easy to use. Attensi’s customers consistently meet or surpass their KPIs in sales, customer service and patient care.

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Completion rate


“The Attensi PORTAL is an excellent tool for us to track the competence levels and training completion rates of all our employees. And our employees find the portal much more motivating to use than our old LMS system!”

HR Director, European Variety Retailer


Attensi PORTAL Tracks When Training is Conducted, Who Trains, and On What Content

The majority of training is done in the evening, and 80% of the training activity is typically completed voluntarily in the employees’ spare time. The graph shows average amount of training per hour (from 6am to 6am):

Attensi solutions simulation
With Attensi I have, for the first time, witnessed significant improvements in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and store sales derived directly from a training tool. This actually works!
Bjørn Kalmér, Training Manager, Skeidar