Access, manage, and track all your learning and training content in one place.

Natively integrate your existing training materials alongside your Attensi solutions.

Track the progress of your people to measure and deliver on your KPIs.

Engage your people.

Manage their experiences.

Analyse the results.


Deliver an effective, elegant solution to all your organizational training needs. Attensi PORTAL is a one-stop home for your people’s learning and training requirements.

  • Integrate your learning content in one easy to access, cross-platform hub.
  • Host all your existing videos, manuals, and PDFs next to Attensi solutions.
  • Drag and drop content to create new courses, with zero coding required.
  • Personalize the experience of your staff and send them follow up reports.
  • Track and measure your people’s progress against your internal KPIs.



Real results from Attensi PORTAL users:


completion rate of staff training.


Attensi PORTAL is an ideal solution for us to track the competence and training completion rates of all our staff. They find PORTAL much more motivating to use than our old LMS.”


HR Director, European Variety Retailer

Engage with Attensi PORTAL

Upskill your people with training that they will enjoy taking. Attensi PORTAL is a powerful and easy to navigate hub for all your learning and training materials.

Bring your existing content to life using points, high scores, leaderboards, rewards, and other gamification principles. Host all your training materials natively alongside Attensi SKILLS, PROCESS, and BEHAVIOUR solutions, to create a single training destination for your staff.

Use PORTAL’s illustrated training journeys to capture and demonstrate the progress employees make towards their goals.



Manage with Attensi PORTAL

Attensi PORTAL has been designed and refined to meet the needs of ambitious learning and training Managers.

Create your perfect training courses using a flexible, powerful set of user management tools. Drag and drop your new and existing training content into bespoke modules. Allocate roles, responsibilities and available content to each member of staff, to offer each of them a tailored training experience.

Follow up on their completion and training progress with graphs, reports, and a range of notification options to keep your people in the loop.

Analyse with Attensi PORTAL

Collect all the user play through data you need in a completely secure environment. Report back on the impact your training has on your organization’s KPIs with all the data and analytics you need.

  • Chart the progress of your staff – individually, by team, by department, and overall.
  • Use tailored surveys to collect user feedback and iterate based on your findings.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your content and identify areas that users struggle with.
"With Attensi I have, for the first time, witnessed significant improvements in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and store sales derived directly from a training tool. This actually works!"
Bjørn Kalmér, Training Manager, Skeidar