Espresso House and Attensi – the perfect blend?

Transforming training for excellence. Discover Espresso House’s journey with Attensi PORTAL, SKILLS and CREATOR, making learning engaging and effective for their 12,000 employees.

Espresso House and Attensi – the perfect blend?

Beans were just the beginning when Espresso House first opened in 1996. Since then, they’ve quickly become the largest coffee chain in the Nordic countries, providing hundreds of locations with their world-class coffee and delicious sweet treats.

After learning about their customers’ love for quality and passion for all things coffee beans, they set out to maintain the highest of customer service through their staff training.

They needed training solutions that would cover values, products, health and safety and customer service – all while maintaining the fun atmosphere their teams are used to. In steps Attensi.

We spoke to Thea Pederson (District Manager Norway), Jonas Krantz (L&D Integrations Manager), and Linnea to learn more about their experience of working with Attensi.


What did Espresso House’s training look like before Attensi?

Before Attensi, Espresso House’s training was a little more on the traditional side. With a learning management system that focused on classroom-based and e-learnings, Thea explains how this soon became outdated.

Espresso House’s old platform was limited; only available on a desktop computer, and not accessible to everyone, especially their younger staff members.

A mixture between in-person and limited digital learning meant their staff certainly weren’t going above and beyond to become exceptional.

What the Espresso House team
needed was a system that was

Easy to use, adapt and update
Close to their operations

Above everything, Espresso House realized that their biggest goal had to be accessibility. Their fast-growing, ever-changing line of products and campaigns meant that their team of over 7000 colleagues are constantly learning.

They needed a platform that was adaptable enough to keep up.

Why Espresso House chose Attensi

Plain sailing

When speaking to Thea, Jonas and Linnea, one thing became perfectly clear – how easy their new training portal was to use.

This is key. With every new campaign, come new things for people to learn.

Thea describes Espresso House as ‘hectic’ – a by-product of their rapid growth. Attensi created a platform that enables staff to keep up and learn quickly, helping them to provide the best customer service possible.

Catering for everyone, worldwide

Attensi PORTAL was integral to the success of Espresso House’s new training solutions.

Linnea mentions how there are so many different onboarding journeys within the team. From managers to baristas, everyone needs access to adjustable content that’s specific to their job roles.

And with over 7000 team members across five countries, training must be translated accurately and consistently into multiple different languages across all of their sites.

Taking the pain out of onboarding

Attensi training solutions have become a critical component of tackling onboarding issues within Espresso House.

For their newest colleagues, a platform where they can evaluate their product knowledge and skills allows them to learn information speedily, ready to provide the best customer service they possibly can. They can repeat the modules as many times as they need until they feel they’ve mastered any given skill.

Within their new training platform, Espresso House’s team leaders can see which colleagues have repeated training, giving them better insights into what works, and what doesn’t.


How’s it bean going? What Espresso House’s colleagues think of Attensi


“After we launched Attensi, we can see our baristas are more skilled and are more confident to perform their jobs.”

Over 90% of Espresso House’s colleagues think training with Attensi is marvelous, and helps them to perform their job responsibilities more effectively.

Modernizing their training to be more accessible has in turn, created a platform that is fun, engaging, competitive and positive, explains Thea.

This has proven a huge success, as Espresso House employee a large majority of young people. The competitive and fun elements go above their expectations, encouraging them to keep learning, more and more.


How Attensi became part of Espresso House’s daily grind

Espresso House’s partnership with Attensi has allowed staff and colleagues to get the right knowledge and the right skills, but in a way that’s fun and engaging.

“We have many different games that we can easily update and continue to improve as an ongoing project all the time.”

Jonas adds that the repetition of gamified learning has been transformational in the way they roll out their training across all of their sites and locations.

“We have new campaigns and new products coming in all the time, so we need the training to be a living and breathing thing.”

As their company continues to grow and expand, Jonas tells us that Espresso House sees ‘a really bright future with Attensi’.

“The partnership between Attensi and Espresso House is set to continue and we at Attensi are excited to support Espresso House’s continued growth and expansion,” says Linus Alenvret, Business Development Director at Attensi.

“We are excited to be right there with Espresso House through their continued development. Whether that’s new products, campaigns or locations.”

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