Prepare your people for the working environments and scenarios they will encounter with immersive 3D gamified simulations.

Attensi BEHAVIOUR can be scaled to play through a mobile device, desktop computer, or virtual reality. As your users progress, they are given instructive personal feedback and scores on their performances.

Track the progress of your teams in real time for measurable impact on your internal KPIs.

Deliver Behavioural Change, At Scale

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 staff, ensuring they are all trained to the same consistent standard is never easy. And whatever training solution you put in place, if results cannot be accurately tracked and measured, success is hard to quantify.

Attensi BEHAVIOUR is the category-leading solution in Gamified Simulation Training.

  • Our engineers and writers work with you to ensure that each virtual scenario we build is as true-to-life as possible.
  • Users are guided through a series of realistic working environments, modelled in an immersive 3D world.
  • Resolving these challenges as they progress, your people master new skills and behaviours in a memorable, engaging experience.

Set benchmarks for users to achieve certification in each module and measure their progress in line with your organisational goals. Create and share detailed reporting on the progress of your teams for a comprehensive understanding of their proficiency levels.


Survey results from Attensi BEHAVIOUR projects:


“I will remember more from this training, than from video training.”


Improved customer satisfaction score from Attensi BEHAVIOUR


Increased shop revenue after sales training with Attensi BEHAVIOUR

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Attensi’s Simulation Principles


  • Our simulations immerse players in environments with real life look and feel, narrowing the gap between theory and reality.
  • Experiences are gamified, to reward players for their progress, encourage repetition, and promote healthy competition between peers.
  • Real-world impact: the resulting analytics and insights from users’ progress help organisations to deliver against their KPIs.

Where Has Attensi BEHAVIOUR Been Used?


  • Training medical staff in vital procedures to increase safety for patients and personnel for a major Scandinavian healthcare company. 
  • Ensuring consistent leadership and sales skills for managers of a global pharma provider.
  • Implementing a sales-oriented leadership culture for a major variety retailer.
  • Onboarding of new joiners, ensuring compliance, and adherence to operating procedures for a global grocery retailer.
  • Increasing personal sales for a leading furniture retail chain.


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