Full 3D simulations for behaviour and leadership training, using realistic scenarios and environments to achieve long-term adoption of new behaviour. The players get personal feedback in a natural environment. Attensi’s 3D gamified training has demonstrated real world change in user behaviour, consequently impacting key performance indicators.

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Real, Long Term Organisational Change

Change management is never easy. It’s always a challenge to change employee behaviour. It’s even more challenging to translate that into real-world results. The comprehensive Attensi BEHAVIOUR simulations are ideal for helping managers lead tens of thousands of employees through large scale operational change.

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“I will remember more from this training, than from video training”


Improved customer satisfaction score from Attensi BEHAVIOUR simulation


Increased shop revenue from Attensi BEHAVIOUR sales training

Survey results from Attensi customers’ project evaluations

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Attensi’s Simulation Principles

  • Attensi BEHAVIOUR simulations are always interactive, realistic and engaging
  • The simulations are created using Building Information Modeling (BIM), an intelligent, digital method of planning, designing, constructing, and managing buildings
  • The virtual environments enable effective training of people’s behaviour, which in turn creates real-world impact

Attensi BEHAVIOUR Use Cases

  • Increasing personal sales for leading furniture retail chain
  • Instilling consistent leadership and sales skills for managers in a global pharma company
  • Implementing a sales oriented leadership culture for large variety retailer
  • Training medical personnel in procedures to increase safety for patients and personnel for major Scandinavian health care company
  • Onboarding new personnel, ensuring compliance and adherence to standard operating procedures for global grocery retailer

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