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Training with serious impact

Play it safe with Attensi

Health and Safety training shouldn’t be dull. The stakes are too high. Engaging game-based solutions can help you meet consistently high standards for all your trainees in health and safety. And you can achieve this at scale.

From routine checks such as expiry dates and hygiene to complicated risk assessments and quality control, your employees can practice and make mistakes in a 3D simulation, exposing them to the consequences of errors in a safe virtual space.

Mistakes in Health and Safety practices can be costly and dangerous to your business. However, simply making the training mandatory does not guarantee that trainees will remember it or be able to apply it to real-life situations. With Attensi, you can measure impact.

Real world impact

19% increase in productivity
5x faster to competence
20x return on investment (ROI)
90% completion rate
6x repetition rate
85% knowledge gap closure

Safety first solutions

Play through scenarios to to learn how to ensure high standards of hygiene and why hygiene is important. Practice skills and make mistakes in simulated reality scenarios.

Play games to help you plan ahead effectively. Think through scenarios to ensure safety for projects and events and experience the consequences of errors in the virtual world.

Mandatory training doesn’t need to be a tick-box exercise. GDPR, Data Protection and Safety Procedures in the workspace can be engaging and impactful with game based simulations.

Building safety culture at scale with Hydro

Global renewable energy and aluminium manufacturer Hydro needed a different training solution to get new staff up to speed with its extensive health and safety charter.

Working with Attensi BEHAVIOUR, the Hydro team launched an immersive 3D simulation that recreates a range of challenging work safety situations that staff are likely to face in any of the company’s facilities across the world. In addition, a supporting Attensi SKILLS mobile app became the new standard to provide site access for staff and visitors.

134 m

of play time per user who used the simulation

80 %

certified users playing this training


repetitions per module, per user

Safe Hands with Attensi Training

How K Line delivered its annual safety KPI in one quarter

International shipping operator K Line needed to build a culture of openness around onboard safety amongst seafaring staff.

In collaboration with Attensi and SAYFR, the company created an immersive 3D simulation of the seafarers’ working environment, designed to educate best practice and to test their abilities across a range of realistic scenarios.
After rolling out its new simulation training, K Line met its ‘reported near misses’ key metric target for the whole year within one quarter.

Safety targets for the year delivered in one quarter

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