Digital Adoption Platform Solutions for a smoother user experience

A digital adoption platform (DAP) is a piece of software that integrates seamlessly with an existing host application in your business.

Your DAP is designed to help end users (whether they’re your customers or your employees) to learn their way around an application using a combination of learning styles.

Using a combination of simulations, videos and other content, your teams will have a guide through the entire process.

Why should my organisation implement a
digital adoption platform?

Increase productivity. Reduce costs. It’s as simple as that. If you’re a business that values learning and development and customer success, a DAP will help your customers and employees to take full advantage of the applications and resources available to them.

Employee benefits

  • Reduce employee onboarding time
  • Increase the success of digital transformation efforts
  • Enable asynchronous training across teams
  • Increase user confidence in training processes

Customer benefits

  • Help customer adoption of enterprise applications
  • Reduce customer support tickets
  • Speed up user learning of new software and technology
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Platform benefits

  • Provide a consistent experience across applications
  • DAPs enable self-paced training
  • Collect and analyse usage data
  • Gather deeper insight into what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Improve ROI

Gamified DAP solutions

Implementation across devices on a global scale

Accelerate your system adoption with immersive 3D gamified simulation training solutions.

Convenience is key. Make sure your DAP is available across devices including mobile, tablet and PC. Access your solutions any time, in any place, literally.

How does a DAP benefit your business?

Give your system training and learning and development practical context. Specific user training that complements their role will create a much more personalized learning experience.
Learning your way around a new system can be tough. Digital adoption platforms allow your teams to learn interactively and constantly apply new knowledge in a practical way.
Modern organizations don’t have time to burn. Training needs to be thorough, but efficient. DAPs provide players with real-time guides to help them on their way to certification.
Digital adoption platforms are an excellent way to cater for a wide variety of learning styles, skill sets and needs. This flexible technology gives your organization an opportunity to offer progressive learning and development resources.
Your DAP enables you to create a more sophisticated approach to training and learning. You’ll have the ability to automate certain tasks and repetitive processes.

Integrate with existing
LMS, CRM and Salesforce

Your digital adoption platform should be a help, not a hindrance. Make sure you find a DAP that is easy to integrate with your existing LMS, CRM or Salesforce.

Are you ready to level up your training?