Training solutions for insurance companies

How are you delivering training on the latest products, systems, regulations and customer service in your insurance business?
To stay competitive, combine all your training needs in one, simple platform.
You need Attensi.


Quality insurance training solutions at scale, and at speed

Globally, insurance organisations are in varying stages of digital transformation. Changing customer behaviours and technological advancements have meant a constantly changing industry.

To stay relevant in your industry, you need to provide state-of-the-art insurance sector learning solutions.

Gaming is a language that transcends borders. For this reason, Attensi collaborates with insurance organisations both nationally and internationally.

From life, health and property to corporate and commercial insurance, Attensi’s gamified simulation learning solutions offer players a fun, practical way to stay up to date with product, compliance and regulatory changes.

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Training and learning for the 21st century insurers

The knowledge needed by 21st century insurers has come a long way. It’s only right that the learning and development programme you offer is reflective of an ever-changing industry. Attensi can support you in doing just that:

An interactive training approach

Insurance businesses across the world have newly adapted to remote or hybrid working. But insurers still need engaging, relevant training.

Whether your teams are home or away, they’ll be able to access their 3D simulation modules anywhere, at any time.

Compatible with mobile, tablet, desktop and most mainstream devices, players can immerse themselves in their virtual world at a time and place that suits their schedule.

Training insurance companies on an international scale

Everyone needs insurance. And every insurer needs insurance sector training.

To help expand your international presence, we’ve developed our training to be delivered in over 30 languages and 140 countries.

Blend Attensi with your existing insurance sector LMS

Complement your existing learning and training resources with your Attensi products.

Increase the likelihood of quality knowledge retention by offering a broad, varied learning and development programme with learning tools to suit everyone.


Hiscox implement a groundbreaking underwriting simulator

Despite being around for the last century, leading insurance company Hiscox decided to take a modern approach to train their underwriters. They decided to partner with Attensi to design and build a groundbreaking new underwriting software.

Hiscox used Attensi’s gamified principles in their simulation training which allowed underwriters to experience a whole new immersive type of learning.

Underwriters can now interact with 3D avatars of brokers and colleagues. They now have the ability to practise important conversations and scenarios in a totally fail-safe environment.

Teams can also make the most of digital case studies where they can test out their qualitative judgment skills as many times as required. The aim of the training is to not only improve skills for insurers but also to improve confidence.

Learn more about their work with Attensi here.

Turn challenges into opportunities

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a role for five minutes or five years. Successful, progressive organisations are ones that provide continual learning and growth for their teams. Whether you’re onboarding, upskilling or recruiting, Attensi’s gamified simulation can help your teams to seize the opportunities given to them.


  • Minimise training costs of new employees

  • Lower turnover of skilled employees

  • Reduce the time spent on on-the-job training

  • Lower high costs of compliance training

  • Identify employees with compliance gaps

  • Ensure all employees are up to date utilizing new technology

  • Combat the likelihood of high attrition rates

  • Improve new product knowledge

  • Attract and retain new talent

Your insurance training needs covered

Anyone working in insurance knows that one training programme doesn’t fit all.

At Attensi, we’ve made sure that all the learning and development you could need for a successful insurance firm is covered in your gamified simulation.


Insurance employees’ training and ongoing learning

  • Inductions and onboarding

  • Insurance sales training

  • Compliance training

  • Product knowledge training

  • Telephone sales and telephone etiquette

  • Customer service and conversation skills

  • Complaints handling

Digital transformation training tailored to insurance company needs

  • Digital and corporate transformation training

  • Retraining and reskilling of existing employees

  • Ongoing compliance and regulatory training

  • New products and services training

  • Data protection, GDPR, and records management

  • IT system updates training

Training solutions for resellers and affiliates

  • Enhance relations and learning experience with existing partners

  • Provide an excellent onboarding experience for new partners and affiliates

  • Deliver compliance and regulations training at all levels

  • Improve general training for smoother operations

  • Ongoing product knowledge training

Why should you incorporate gamified training into your insurance business? 


A more immersive learning experience

Insurance may not typically be associated with immersive, practical training. But with Attensi, your teams can take a more practical approach to their development.

They’ll work through a range of modules to make sure they’re well-rounded, knowledgeable assets to your team.

Improved employee engagement and success

We all know that ‘one and done training’ is slowly phasing out.

The repetition that comes with Attensi gamified training means players can come back as many times as they like until they’ve mastered the skill (or beaten their colleagues).

Insights directly to managers and learning and development teams

Your Attensi training will be inclusive of all the insights you need to know to measure your return on learning investment.

Not only see who has completed their training, find out where the knowledge gaps are and exactly what your teams want from their L&D programme.


What is gamified training in the insurance sector?

Our gamified training solutions for the insurance sector are an alternative to traditional learning methods.

Built using real human behaviour and psychology, gamified training provides authentic insurance scenarios for employees. The competitive edge to the training encourages repetition and improved information retention. Most importantly, it makes learning fun again.

Is this training scalable to an international level?

We’re used to working with globally renowned insurance businesses from all around the world, so we know how important it is to offer training in multiple languages. We now have users across 140 countries and our simulations have been translated into 30 different languages.

Can we integrate Attensi’s insurance training solutions to our existing LMS?

Absolutely! Attensi offers standard third-party integrations included in the license fee. Such an integration would typically be: Authentication through Azure Active Directory or LMS integration through flat file synchronization (e.g., json, csv, txt). We’ve worked with plenty of other custom integrations, too – we’re happy to talk about what you need.

Will Attensi work with third parties or agencies to develop insurance training content?

Delivering a great project is all about collaboration. We’ve worked with plenty of third parties and agencies, and we’re happy to work with your agency on our joint project. We also have our own partnerships in place from relationships we’ve built, so we can also offer insurance subject matter expertise if you need it.

Who can I speak to about what my organisation needs?

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams hone and develop their specific skill sets. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organisation.

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