Omnichannel and New Customer Engagement Models

Learn how Attensi helps pharmaceutical companies embrace an omnichannel approach through innovative training.

Are you in the process of embracing and embedding an omnichannel approach within your organization?

As with many sectors, the Covid-19 pandemic has exponentially accelerated digital transformation within BioPharma. The industry has responded by working extremely hard to speed up it’s evolution of digital processes and approaches. The hope was that they would soon be as advanced as the science that is at the core of their businesses.

But, for many, the journey has only really just begun, with omnichannel orchestration, a.k.a. hybrid approaches or rep orchestration being a common critical starting point.

Whether you are moving towards a purely digital, solely remote engagement or rep orchestrated working, blending the old with the new is a particularly difficult journey to navigate.

Whilst the concepts are arguably relatively simple, (after all look at the wonders that the likes of Amazon or Netflix have achieved in the way they predict, understand and engage with us as their customers), picking this up and applying it to Biopharma is a somewhat more complex experience.

However you define your customers; patients and healthcare professionals alike are all consumers in their own right. Omnichannel orchestration has become a key step towards achieving better quality methodologies and accessibility of information.

In a recent poll developed by Attensi, based on insights from our existing clients on this subject, we asked BioPharma representatives via LinkedIn to highlight their key challenges when it came to achieving the panacea known as “Customer Centricity”.

The biggest challenge identified was implementation effectiveness.

Respondents replied that they may well have selected more options, if not all of them if they could.

What is abundantly clear though, is that all parts of a pharmaceutical organisation need be moving in the same direction and travelling this journey together.

Never has there been such an important time to embed truly cross-functional working.

How omnichannel implementation
affects different departments:

Sales teams need to believe, understand and actually know how to put these new practices into play.

Marketers need to penetrate new channels and have a rich understanding of their customers to effectively segment and respond in much more agile ways.

Medics need to respond to their customers through new and innovative touchpoints. They must be able to support, access and leverage them to create value to all parties.

Regulatory and legal need to be able to align with these principles, and facilitate these new approaches, whilst protecting the reputation and security of their organisations.

These departments need to work together to find the ways to deliver new solutions and integrate the data across many platforms in a robust and consistent way.

This brave new world requires brave new thinking. To keep up, BioPharma needs to act quickly, consistently, and effectively.

Does your training philosophy and practice meet these expectations?

Attensi has been supporting top 100 pharma organisations on this journey to an omnichannel approach.

Our biopharma solutions have been “played” thousands of times by thousands of reps, medics and other essential functions for companies in over 50 languages across 150 countries.

Attensi’s approach is different. Our platform, and indeed, our whole philosophy is built upon a foundation of active, “learn by doing” principles. This is underpinned by well considered game design, game mechanics, real life situations and the psychology of learning; all of which interplay to ensure that learners not only engage with our solutions, but have a good time doing it.

Importantly, we support them to embed the knowledge, skills and behaviours to ensure all important impacts on your business.

Our health and pharma team members are made up of tenured former biopharma employees with an average of 18 years industry experience each. They have worked across a broad range of functional areas and roles including; sales (we all carried a bag), sales management, coaching, marketing, digital, business transformation, and country leadership, and have direct experience of working on exactly these issues

This means they come from a place of true understanding of the challenges faced by this paradigm shift in the way that BioPharma understands and engages with its customers.

Are you ready to level up your training?