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Revolutionary energy training solutions

Real, measurable results for your global energy company, with Attensi’s innovative gamified training.


Flexible training solutions for the energy sector

Our changing world is putting increasing demands on your sector – that’s why you’re at the forefront of scientific research and exploring new technology.

Lead the way with renewables like offshore wind, or create new ways to use oil and gas more efficiently. To do this, you’ll need your people driving your organisation forward at every level.

That’s why you need an energy industry training solution that matches your desire to be innovative and efficient.

Our energy training solutions are the perfect fit for operators, contractors, and service providers.

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A global solution for a global energy market

A global leader in gamified simulation training, Attensi will support your organisation across all levels and at every part of your supply chain.

Give your people the latest advanced technologies to experience energy industry training on a completely new level.

Safe and innovative simulation based training

Our virtual reality and 3D solutions will give your people experience of real-life situations in the energy sector.

Learn new skills without worrying about anything going wrong.

Develop the skills of a high performing technical team before they’ve set foot in a power plant or exploration field.

Engaging training solutions at all levels

Delivering engaging global energy training solutions across your energy organisation doesn’t need to be challenging.

From management, to teams and individuals, Our energy training simulations are designed to develop the skills of the people throughout your organisation with energy sector and role specific solutions.

Integrate easily with your existing LMS

Designed to enhance and support your existing training, Attensi’s solutions can be easily merged with your current LMS. Provide a well rounded, engaging learning and development programme for your teams.

Oil and gas training solutions

Explore new opportunities in your oil and gas business.

Attensi will provide solutions that include:

Professional skills development

Facilities and surface operations

Drilling and well control simulations

Plant protocols and security

HSE reporting and compliance

Environmental management

Community relations

Oil or gas supply chain optimisation

Offshore energy exploration

Develop the technical skills required to deliver offshore projects successfully.

Highlights from our offshore energy training includes:

Facility surface operations

Offshore wind installation processes

GWO health and safety training

Offshore sea survival training

Helideck training

Offshore risk and project management

Renewable energy sectors

Successfully deliver large scale wind, solar, tidal, and hydro projects.

Some of the areas we cover here include:

Health and safety training

Skills development

Repair training (turbine blades or PV)

Wind installation training

Solar photovoltaics installer training

PV power plants operations training

Revolutionary industries need revolutionary training technology

Develop practical and technical skills with Attensi’s gamified simulations for the energy industry. Using virtual environments and advanced 3D modelling, your teams will benefit from an immersive learning experience. Say hello to more efficient and engaging energy industry training.

You can see the results of your energy industry training efforts with measurable, real time data. This gives you insight into how your people are benefiting from the training and how that stands up against your goals.

Easy integration with your learning management system

We provide you with the tools to track and manage all your energy sector training content in one easy to use place. We offer easy integration with other learning management software. This provides easy tracking and reporting.

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“The main purpose of our project with SAYFR was to improve the level of maturity of the safety culture. To move from one of ‘cover-up’ to excellence culture, where our people learn from errors.”

Soeun Choi, Improvement Manager, K Line

“The training provided our sales personnel with insights on how to be better partners for the store managers of our customers. Our feedback surveys show that we achieved solid results in the target areas.”

Geir Haugli, VP Sales and distribution, Tine

“Safety is at the heart of what we do, and this gamified training provides real understanding that more passive webinars or training videos simply can’t match,”

Erik Sørhaug, Leader of Innovation and Services at Equinor University.



Can we deliver training simulations across international markets and in multiple languages?

At Attensi, we’re global leaders in providing gamified training solutions. We realise the importance of offering energy industry training in multiple languages to suit the needs of global energy organisations. Attensi has users in 140 countries across the world and our simulations have been translated into 30 languages.

Can we create virtual power plants or simulated environments for energy sector staff training?

Yes. The biggest advantage of working with Attensi is that we provide real life scenarios for your people to learn from. Our energy training solutions are built and designed around your needs and requirements. We offer customisable simulated energy sector environments that can help your team nurture the skills they need for real life tasks.

Will Attensi work with our 3rd parties or agencies for content creation?

Yes. The future of the global energy sector is reliant on collaboration and teamwork. We realise the importance of working together and we’ve worked with a number of energy sector organisations for content creation. We work tirelessly to ensure we provide up to date and accurate information in our simulations. That’s why we value working with third parties to deliver energy sector expertise that’s second to none.

Can we integrate Attensi's solutions within our existing LMS?

Yes. You can easily integrate Attensi’s training solutions with your existing energy sector learning management system. We have plenty of experience integrating existing learning management systems across the energy industry. We’re happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.

How can I speak with an energy sector expert to discuss my needs?

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams hone and develop their specific skill set. They can walk through our Attensi suite to find out which combination of software will add the most value to your organisation.

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