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Exceed the professional service standards that your clients demand, consistently, at scale.

Cut your employee onboarding and certification time down, whatever your line of business.

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Training professional services employees is an ongoing challenge

In today’s competitive marketplace, your people are your business.

To deliver the exceptional service that your clients expect, your staff need to be knowledgeable, proactive, and efficient. At all times.

Ensuring they are onboarded, developed, and certified can be the difference between winning and losing.

As your clients are challenged to embrace change and adapt, your teams need the right support to perform at their peak – from new hires to senior leadership.

And with competition for top talent fiercer than ever, retaining your best people is a mission critical operation.

Why Hiscox built the world’s first 3D underwriter simulator

Global insurance provider Hiscox needed an effective method of developing team members to become high-quality, technical underwriters.

With Attensi, Hiscox created the world’s first ‘underwriter simulator’, featuring conversations with 3D avatars of brokers and colleagues, simulated account analysis, email requests, and virtual phone calls with experts.

Among staff who completed the simulation, 85% agreed the training had helped them understand how to apply technical concepts across the underwriting cycle. In addition, the number of candidates who failed the underwriter programme was reduced by 71%.


How BCG onboard new consultants with simulation training

Boston Consulting Group needed a comprehensive onboarding tool for its new associates. One that would engage a new generation more than classroom training and a series of PowerPoint presentations ever could.

With Attensi BEHAVIOUR, BCG created an immersive gamified simulation where new consultants were challenged to tackle virtual recreations of the tricky situations that they would face in real-life.

Following the roll out, 96% of trainees who completed the training said they had a clearer understanding of expectations and felt better prepared for their role.


"It used to take an associate [up to] 6 months before they would get to the point of having the 'light bulbs' go on. By having a simulation on day one at BCG, they're getting those same 'aha' moments much earlier in the process. And that is incredibly exciting."
Charles Hendren, Nordics Principal, BCG

A measurable way to close the ‘knowledge gap’

One of the world’s largest global consulting companies needed an innovative method to train their leadership on the tools and behaviours that drive profitable growth.

The programme team launched a tailored mobile-first solution created with Attensi SKILLS. After the rollout, trainees played through and repeated the training an average of at least 4 times. By comparing the results from their first playthroughs to their last, the team observed an average knowledge gap reduction of 79%.


Success through repetition

Driven by the best insights from workplace psychology, training, and gaming, Attensi solutions are designed to be repeated. Why?

Because documented research proves that repetition is essential to learning new skills and behaviours. If training only occurs once, after just one month, up to 80% of learning is lost.*

*Hermann Ebbinghaus – Memory; a Contribution to Experimental Psychology