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Whitepaper: Insurance Industry

Accelerating change in the insurance industry: Why you need to invest in talent strategy to grow

Onboarding, staff retention and digital transformation, it’s time to invest in your talent strategy to grow

This report brings together research and industry trend data with opinion from sector experts at Attensi, to help the industry understand current challenges and future proof their business.

To find out more, download Attensi’s whitepaper. Inside you’ll find insights on:

The big challenges: From automation to onboarding, the big challenges facing the sector.

Onboarding: You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Ongoing development: Helping your team feel valued and immersed in their own development.

The future trends leading the way: Find out what’s on the horizon for the insurance sector, including tech disruption, data-led training and new ways of learning.

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