The ‘Leadership Delta’: How challenging the norm is helping the hospitality industry to train exceptional leaders

In this insight paper we explore ‘The Leadership Delta’ in the Hospitality & Retail sector and reveal three of the most common and fundamental leadership ‘deltas’, which we have identified from our extensive work with some of the world’s leading organizations.

What do we mean by the ‘Leadership Delta’?

It’s a vast gap in knowledge and capability that is exposed when individual contributors are promoted into senior roles where they have responsibility for overseeing multiple areas of the business. One of the reasons this happens is because many of those leading teams within the sector are promoted because they are great at their ‘day job’ – they are amazing baristas, superstar bar tenders or fantastic store assistants, but now they find themselves with a new set of expectations and responsibilities. The step up is a giant skills leap.

With so much responsibility at the hands of these leaders, we are challenging the industry to look at how leaders are trained within the sector and asking the big question: Are you challenging training tradition to develop exceptional leaders and beat the leadership delta?

With a global outlook, the insight paper identifies three key leadership ‘deltas’:

  • Coaching for performance
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Effectively communicating culture

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