Ardoq: Architects of the future bring vision alive with gamified training

World leader in data-driven, cloud-based business solutions, Ardoq, partners up with Attensi and chooses game-based learning to open up new worlds of opportunity.

91% said it helped them master Ardoq’s main functionalities
91% like this way of training
88% said it increased their understanding of the Ardoq platform

Ardoq brings their vision alive with gamified training

Life can be difficult for business visionaries. How do you get people to understand how you see the world – and how your insight can make the world better for them – when that vision is new and unfamiliar?

That’s the challenge for the pioneers at Ardoq, a world-leading innovator founded in Norway in 2013. It has emerged as a specialist in a field it’s done much to discover – New Enterprise Architecture, which helps organisations re-shape their operations with data-driven, cloud-based solutions.

The Ardoq approach helps its customers

Deliver measurable value by answering how to save costs without disruption
Discover where to improve people, processes and technology
Deploy data to make better decisions, faster

But how do you sell that concept to customers who have never seen it in action?

The answer for Ardoq was to bring the solution to life for its own people and its customers – with training that is vivid, memorable and packed with impact.

Ardoq found what it was looking for with gamified simulation training – and the need grew more urgent after the business secured a significant investment of new capital to fuel its ambitious global growth.

Erik Bakstad, CEO and one of the founders of the firm, said that the effective training wins them business by convincing customers that the solution can be adopted quickly and effectively with no disruption to their operations. And because the simulations can be created swiftly by their own teams, they are easily scalable at speed.


Competitive advantage

In other words they can see with their own eyes, at a glance, how it brings value.

People enjoy the different take on training. They are used to slides and boring reading material, so something that is interactive is really appealing to them.

It’s had an effect. We know that customers are succeeding in creating better engagement because of it.


It’s a win-win

Bakstad is also thrilled that the training brings a double benefit – for Ardoq’s own people, and in training customers how to use the Ardoq platform.

“Because we’re growing so quickly, if we can create training that’s relevant for ourselves and our customers that’s a win-win,” he said.

“A lot of people are unfamiliar with New Enterprise Architecture and what we do, so if we can create that training for ourselves, we can take that out to customers.”

Head of Onboarding, Svein Gunnar Hjorteset, sees how effectively gamified simulation training opens customers’ eyes to the possibilities of Ardoq’s revolutionary product. It has helped users get to grips with it really fast. The gaming element makes the learning good fun, and people return to it often to beat their best score. That helps the new knowledge and techniques stay in their minds.

“Customers repeat the training often, and mostly it’s because of the scoring system. They see someone else get a higher score, they repeat the training to beat them. That’s really cool.”

Svein Gunnar Hjortset

Head of Onboarding | Ardoq


Customers love it

For Ardoq, it’s super-important that the core users know how to use the platform, and the specific areas they should use Ardoq for.”

Ardoq co-created the training with Attensi.

Especially in the part of teaching customers on how to use Ardoq as a platform, Attensi PROCESS plays an important role,” Hjorteset said.

“The customers need to practice, to understand the software use, and they need repetition – the repetition to make it stick. We’ve seen a tremendous improvement in both the speed and the quality of our customers’ onboardings since they started used the gamified simulation training from Attensi.”

The success of the training has had a positive business impact. Customers love it and they form a lasting partnership with Ardoq.


Huge plus

We see that the loyalty of the customers is better because their understanding of the tools is better,” said Hjorteset.

When they broaden their understanding they also have more understanding of what kind of value it can bring to their company.

Ardoq is growing and we are getting a lot of new customers every month.

Hjorteset also says that the simplicity of creating new, scalable modules is a huge plus for customers.

“I’ve created the training myself, and it’s really simple. It takes a couple of hours to create a module. The tool is super-simple. To create new training is no big deal.”


‘Wow!’ Factor

Ardoq updates every day with new releases, so we have to update the training as well. But it’s really flexible and we can do it quickly. Our platform evolves and the training should evolve with the platform.”

Head of Partnerships, Gard Havelin, said that the training simulations are critical in getting customers to understand and appreciate Ardoq’s product immediately, from the first contact with it.

It has to have that instant ‘Wow’ factor – and Attensi delivers that.

It’s a key thing that when we meet with our partners that they have good introductions to what Ardoq is all about,” he said.

So meeting them for the first time without any knowledge of what we do, or why we exist, and how to use the tool, then those first workshops are much, much more difficult. It’s absolutely critical to have good training for our partners because the way we go to market with partners is for them to learn the tool, become experts, and use our tool, so without proper training it will fail.

Havelin insists that Ardoq’s business model relies on the impact of that initial experience with the simulation.


Scalable, interactive, fun

Without proper training for our partners we will not meet our goals,” he said.

Hjorteset is convinced.

“I can summarize gamified simulation training in three words – scalable, interactive, fun.”

Impact at a glance

Based on a users servey

91% like this way of training
91% said it helped them master Ardoq’s main functionalities
88% said it increased their understanding of the Ardoq platform

Users’ comments – why people like Attensi

  • “You can choose to repeat whatever session you like at any given point. It gives you instant feedback if you need to redo a certain session. And of course the competitive aspect of it all :)”
  • “The ability to repeat over and over until I got it perfect – all from the experience of the actual UI. I learned navigation nuances of Ardoq I didn’t know existed even thought i’ve been using it for 2+ months.”
  • “The fact that repeating the steps help grasp the knowledge and is encouraged within the platform. The short length of every module makes you feel as though achieve a lot in a short period of time. Visually pleasing and fun.”
  • “It’s a very different way to train but it is effective and feels much better than ‘show and tell’ as I feel a little more hands-on so more likely to learn how to use the tool with a better understanding.”
  • “It makes it interactive and fun to learn.”

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