FIDL: How they revolutionized their digital learning with Attensi

FIDL’s on a mission to provide accessible and engaging learning courses for users across a variety of industries. Read more to find out how they did it in partnership with Attensi.

95% completion rate
96% satisfaction rate among end users
89% say they prefer Attensi training

How FIDL revolutionized their digital learning with Attensi

FIDL: Fun, Inspiring Digital Learning. They’re on a mission to provide accessible and engaging learning courses for users across a variety of industries. Their challenge is keeping user engagement high and ensuring learners are having a fun time while they complete their courses.

It’s no secret that the creation of high quality training solutions is a complex, time intensive process. As a result, FIDL decided to outsource, allowing them to spend more time creating high quality content, and allowed us to do what we do best – providing exceptional training solutions.

We spoke to Kristian A. Hauan, Chief Executive Officer, Morten Ulriksen, Chief Learning Officer and Lill Adriana Johnsen, Head of Content, to find out why they wanted to work with Attensi, and the impact of our fruitful partnership.

Why Attensi?

“It’s a jungle”, said Hauan, when describing his search for a technical platform to partner with FIDL.

Harnessing the power of gamification

The way gamification drives users through learning, with a proven track record of closing the knowledge gap was key to FIDL choosing Attensi.

Using gamified elements, we make learning fun and engaging, motivating users to complete and repeat their training.

FIDL recognized that they needed a solution that embodied their brand, was fun for the end user and helped their learning to be effective.

The healthy competitive element that gamification introduces is a big motivator for users. They can repeat tasks as often as they need. The repetition that gamification provides is essential to closing the knowledge gap.

After all, it’s only through practice that we can achieve mastery.

“What makes Attensi stand out is the real built-in gaming psychology.”

Kristian A. Hauan

Chief Executive Officer | FIDL

A tailored approach to learning

A key reason behind FIDL’s success is their ability to cater exceptional digital learning courses to a multitude of industries. They build their courses with the experience of the user at the forefront of the process, and need adaptable solutions that match this philosophy.

FIDL’s partnership with Attensi has allowed them to deliver training solutions across multiple platforms and in various languages, so customers can access FIDL’s great content whenever and wherever they are.

A measurable impact

Attensi’s training isn’t just delivered with a smile and a “good luck!”.

All our solutions come with powerful tools for advanced analytics across a wide range of points. These include customer engagement, completion rates, scores, knowledge gaps closed and time to competence.

FIDL can now fully visualize the impact of Attensi on their L&D, and can also see what’s working and what isn’t. When it comes to adapting the content they deliver, this is a huge help.

With impressive results

95% completion rate
96% satisfaction rate among end users
89% say they prefer Attensi’s solutions to traditional learning

Referring to the extremely high completion rate, Morten commented it was ‘something we have never seen before’.

“With the Attensi platform we can achieve the level of training we are aiming for.”

Kristian A. Hauan

Chief Executive Officer | FIDL


Working with Attensi

Attensi’s solutions are easy to use, intuitive and require zero coding. Staff don’t have to use their time creating anything other than the high quality learning content.

When modules need changing, updating or upgrading, it can all be done easily and effectively within the Attensi platform. By investing in Attensi, FIDL secured a framework that is fully scalable, with room for their ambitions for growth.

As FIDL continues to grow and develop, their commitment to providing fun, inspiring and accessible learning remains unwavering. Through their ongoing partnership with Attensi, they have all the tools to redefine the digital learning landscape and demonstrate the incredible potential of gamification in education.

“Working with Attensi is a thrill.”

Kristian A. Hauan

Chief Executive Officer | FIDL

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