Health care training solutions

With 3D simulated game-based training, hospital personnel can practice procedures and interact with patients in a virtual replica of their workspace, making patient care both safer and more effective.


Making patient care safe and effective

In a hospital, sub standard training could literally mean the difference between life and death. When time and resources are few and far between, hospitals need learning and development that goes beyond a tick box exercise.

The information must be retained and results must be measurable.

Attensi’s gamified training solutions are designed to enable teams to immerse themselves in bitesize, virtual scenarios that allow them to make mistakes in a safe environment. The repeatable, interactive materials can be updated and visited time and time again.




Attensi assisted a major health organisation in implementing new procedures, layout, software systems, and technologies as an onboarding tool for new employees, temporary workers, and students.


An Attensi 3D gamified simulation enabled employees at a large Emergency Department to adapt to a new layout and implement procedures within a large and diverse workflow.

Giving adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations

Most adults, regardless of working place, find it difficult to talk to children they fear are abused by other adults. However, some are expected to take action when the situation calls for it. The target group for this simulation is employees at schools and kinder gardens, and the aim is to decrease the fear of talking about this highly sensitive theme so that more people dear to take action when situations are identified. The simulation is developed in close cooperation with RVTS Øst.


Training staff in product competence and customer care

With Attensi 3D gamified simulations, a large international health retail chain was able to significantly increase in-store sales, ensure medical compliance, and improve customer experience.

Training care providers on a psychiatric ward

Through using an Attensi 3D gamified simulation, a major European health provider educated and trained the care providers of youths with behaviour disorders. The training had a significant impact on the level of mastery and increased reflection around how to regulate the clients.

Training hospital personnel to adopt new procedures

Without 3D gamified simulation, the task of training more than 5,000 associates to work effectively within a new hospital would have been a major operation. Attensi BEHAVIOUR simulations enabled the personnel to extensively practice new workflows and get to grips with new hardware and software. The simulations empowered associates to uphold their high levels of patient care and safety. When the doors opened, they already knew the new hospital – inside and out.

5000 people were successfully trained at Østfold Hospital Trust.

Gamification enables us to modify employee behaviour in a way that will increase patient safety.

–  Just Ebbesen, CEO,ØOstfold Hospital Trust

‘We wouldn’t have had a trained, efficient, effective workforce without Attensi.’

– Jacqui Cooper, Chief Nursing Information Officer at Liverpool University Hospital