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Coming in at second after email, the phone is still one of the most popular ways for customers to contact organizations for customer service help. Even though technology has come a long way, how many times do you find yourself thinking, ‘I just want to speak to a human’?

Rising expectations from customers means your customer service is under harsher scrutiny than ever. An effective customer service phone training program can empower your employees to deliver the exceptional.

Why is phone based customer service important for modern businesses?

When your customers can ultimately make or break your business, looking after those customers is a key part of your success. A positive customer experience reaps huge rewards, whereas bad ones can do some serious damage.

Your customer service may well be your customers’ only human touchpoint throughout their journey with you. It’s vital your employees are equipped with the phone skills they need to solve problems and leave a lasting positive impression.

What are the benefits of customer service phone training for employees and businesses?

Competitive advantage

Having friendly, helpful and knowledgeable employees on the phone will leave a positive impression on customers. It also provides a great platform for you to broadcast your brand’s values.

Delivering great customer service can turn your customers into brand advocates, with consumers 5 x more likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience.

Improved customer satisfaction

Train your employees to deliver a more personal experience, where the customer feels they are heard, understood and a solution is reached quickly.

Helps boost sales

Real conversations with customers are a fantastic platform for selling, upselling and cross-selling.

Give your employees the product knowledge and techniques to encourage customers to purchase new, upgraded or related products and services.

Increased customer retention

With 7 out of 10 customers walking away from a brand after a poor experience, it’s clear the impact customer service has on customer retention.

Remember, gaining a new customer is far more expensive than retaining one.

What are the benefits of customer service phone training for employees?

Phone training for employees has a positive impact on more than just their customer service. The benefits are widespread throughout your organization.

Phone training focuses on verbal communication, by bettering employees’ listening skills and their ability to ask relevant, effective questions.

Interactions on the phone can be daunting, so a good training program is one that prepares employees to tackle challenges with confidence.

Develop your employees product and service knowledge whilst giving them the techniques that encourage employees to buy or upgrade.

Phone training gives employees the skills to identify problems and find a quick solution, which can be applied to more than just telephone customer service.

Customers want a personal experience, and this can only be provided when an employee can understand and respond appropriately to how a customer is feeling. Phone training gives your employees the knowledge and confidence to do so in a friendly, empathetic way.

Why choose Attensi for your training needs?

Enhanced training through gamification, simulation and high end VR, AR and 3D interactive experiences.

Training delivered anywhere, anytime and available across multiple devices in over 30 languages. Suitable for large-scale international organizations.

Easy integration with existing training LMS.

What are essential phone skills for an employee?

Interactions through a phone can often prove more difficult than in person. You’re unable to see a person’s body language through the phone, which can be key to understanding how someone is feeling.

To prevent misunderstanding, there are some essential skills an employee needs to be able to deliver an exceptional customer experience over the phone.

Active listening is an essential component  of phone customer service. It lets the customer know they’re understood, without the need to see their body language or facial expressions.

Effective questioning ensures your employees get to the source of the problem quickly, speeding up interactions so they can assist more customers in a lot less time.

Tone of voice is just one of the essential parts of effective customer service. Your employees need to express friendliness, trustworthiness, understanding and more through their voice alone.

Being able to encourage and advise customers rather than use forceful language is key to providing an exceptional and profitable customer experience.

Your employees need to be prepared to deal with emotional customers and other types of difficult situations.

Give them the skills to deal with these problems professionally through customer service telephone skills training.

Call control is a vital skill that keeps phone interactions quick and productive. Time is of the essence for both your company and your customers. And your employees need to be able to reach solutions as fast as possible.

Employees need to be able to solve the customer’s problem and bring them back on board, resolving any conflicts professionally and amicably.

Product and service knowledge is what allows your workforce to develop any of their other customer service skills, such as sales and problem-solving.

Employees need to fully understand what they are dealing with and the options available to reach a speedy solution.

What are the main types of customer service phone training?

To cover all the essential phone skills, there are various types of customer service phone training.

New hires need to learn both your products and your systems. Onboarding training is your way to ensure they have all the knowledge they need to feel confident and successful in their new roles.

This is essential to be able to help customers with any problems they have. When customers are able to do so much research themselves, product and service knowledge from your customer service team has to go to the next level.

Just because they’re not formally part of the sales team doesn’t mean your customer service team can’t help the success of your sales as an organization.

Empower your employees to go above and beyond with sales training.

This training is vital, as two-thirds of customers see speed as important as price.

Give your employees the ability to work quickly and effectively, making for an exceptional customer experience.

Customer service phone training can be integrated into training programs that help your employees to deliver exceptional customer service across multiple platforms, such as email or online chat rooms.

How to deliver your training successfully

There are several ways to ensure your training is as effective as possible.

Engaging content

Engaging your employees is key to an effective training program. It ensures employees don’t just complete training but repeat.

Ongoing education

Providing consistent and repeated training is how you make training effective and encourage role mastery.


Bite-sized and accessible training makes it easier for employees to repeat training when and where they can and to learn in the way that suits them best.

Why choose gamification and simulation?

Traditional training programs can be boring, tedious and uninspiring. Employees dread completing it, and if they do, they’re glad to see the back of it.

The problem? They aren’t motivated to repeat training. This is an absolute necessity in closing the knowledge gap. Gamification is quite literally a game changer.

Employees can take an active role in their learning. They’re motivated by fun tasks and healthy competition to repeat training and achieve role mastery. Attensi has used gamification to help close the knowledge gap by over 90%. The statistics speak for themselves.

Simulation has been used for decades in jobs like piloting and surgery, but only now are people realizing its applications in L&D, across almost every industry.

In telephone customer service training, it can be difficult to practice for phone calls, which can be risky. Even employee-employee role play won’t give an accurate picture of what teams can expect.

An unprepared, nervous employee is more likely to make costly mistakes, potentially losing several customers before they feel confident enough to create exceptional customer experiences.

Simulations eliminate this risk by creating an immersive phone customer service experience.  You’re providing a safe environment for employees to practice true-to-life scenarios, before then entering real situations well practiced and confident in their role.

Easy Integration

Attensi’s training solutions are easily integrated into existing training LMS. We provide data which visualizes the learning curve, so you can see the impact of our training solutions in your organization.

We provide data which visualizes the learning curve, so you can see the impact of our training solutions in your organization.

Attensi delivers the future of training, so your organization can smash its targets and be exceptional.

Are you ready to level up your training?