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How LEON restaurants doubled team knowledge retention

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Natural fast food company LEON Restaurants needed a new form of training that would support its ‘family members’ through one of the toughest trading periods in living memory.

Using Attensi SKILLS, the team at LEON created and launched a mobile-first gamified training solution across its entire estate. After the initial training rollout, the solution had earned outstanding results and feedback from managers and team members alike.

✅ Average team knowledge scores from first to last playthroughs improved from 50% to 92%.

✅ 95% of team members agreed the training ‘helped them better understand LEON’s values’.

✅ More than 90% claimed to have already put what they have learned into practice.



As a proudly people-first business, LEON Restaurants takes the welfare and development of its teams seriously. So seriously in fact, that team members are never referred to as ‘staff’. It’s all part of the underlying respect that is central to what it means to become part of LEON’s family.

For new joiners, keeping pace with this fast-moving family is all part of the job. Onboarding at LEON Involves more than just learning menu items and weekly promotions. Exceptional customer service is part of the company’s DNA, and so getting recruits up to speed with LEON’s values is mission critical.

To consistently meet and exceed those expectations, LEON needed a different form of team training. Previously, the team at LEON had tried a combination of printed learning materials and e-learning to onboard new family members – with mixed results.


Attensi SKILLS offered something different


In late 2020, the team at LEON worked with Attensi to create a one-of-a-kind, mobile-first, gamified training solution for use across its entire estate. Using a range of minigames and interactive scenarios, LEON family members were challenged to complete modules covering everything from seasonal menus, to new health and safety regimes. All on a device they were already comfortable with – their phones.

Mobile gamified training - LEON

The clear, concise and in-depth reporting on the back end of Attensi SKILLS gave restaurant managers and senior management real time analytics and feedback on their teams’ progress. This was used to highlight where they excelled, and where they might need support.


Results to make the family proud


By early 2021, over 94% of all family members had trained LEON’s new gamified mobile-first training, collectively clocking up over 100,000 playthroughs between them.

Following this successful rollout, the results exceeded the team’s expectations:

Average knowledge retention jumped from scores of 50% on users’ first attempt to 92%.

In user feedback, 95% of family members felt they better understood LEON’s values.

Over 90% claimed to have already put what they had learned into practice.


The world of training has changed now. It’s very simple – it needs to be social, engaging, and needs to get people’s attention straight away. Attensi will do just that.


Nick Scovell, Global Head of Franchise, LEON



Does your current staff training regularly earn 90%+ approval ratings from your people? If not, let’s change that: 


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