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2.5x vs 1x Revenue: Bohus’ gamified training impact

Scandinavian furniture retailer Bohus needed to make sure its sales staff had a complete understanding of its new range of products ahead of their big launch.

With Attensi SKILLS, the Bohus team rolled out an intensive 6-week training campaign, delivered directly to their employees’ mobile devices. In the trading period that followed, the company recorded a substantial revenue increase, as well as rave reviews from staff.

✅ More than 2x increase in units sold by stores who trained most with Attensi SKILLS.

✅ For the same stores, over 2.5x revenue growth (vs 1x for those who trained the least).

✅ 96% of staff reported that the training improved their product knowledge.

Scandinavia has a rich history of producing some of the most desirable furniture in the world. Norwegian retailer Bohus is a proud torchbearer of that legacy, with a mixture of classic and contemporary styles built to exceptional standards.

In late 2020, the company planned to launch an update to one of its flagship lines, with ambitious sales targets to match. In order to meet them, Bohus’ sales staff would need a detailed knowledge of the new models on offer.

Bohus needed an effective, measurable, and accessible method of product training. One that could roll out quickly and deliver on time. Having previously used a mix of classrooms, videos, and e-learning with mixed results, the team opted to try something different.

Attensi SKILLS offered Bohus a different solution

As a mobile-first training solution, Attensi SKILLS allowed Bohus staff to sharpen their product knowledge through a device they were already comfortable with – their phones. With a range of mini-games and interactive scenarios, the sales teams were tested on the key differences between product types and key selling points of the top models.

All of these were playable through a dedicated smartphone app, which could be downloaded to employees’ own devices. As with all Attensi gamified simulation training, the modules were designed to be repeated, with points and scoreboards included to encourage a little friendly competition.

The training was launched just 12 days ahead of the new range’s launch. Over the course of the 6-week training period that followed, more than 500 staff were certified and over 90% completed every module.

1.5x revenue difference between the most and least trained

In the month of trading that followed, the results at the registers exceeded Bohus’ expectations. Amongst the stores who trained the most with Attensi SKILLS:

The number of units sold increased significantly, some as much as 2x.

Overall revenue was boosted by more than 2.5x (vs 1x for the stores with the least training).

In a follow up survey, 96% of staff said the training improved their product knowledge.

With Attensi SKILLS, our sales staff have fast become product experts, with measurable, significant impact on our profit margins. And with a 96% training approval rating, we know they enjoyed themselves along the way.

Hanne Utakleiv Lorentzen, Campaign Manager, Bohus

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