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Next generation employee training through gamified simulation training.

Empower and engage your people to learn new skills at scale with real, measurable results.

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Change the way you deliver learning and training across your organisation for real, measurable results.


Driven by psychology

Our solutions combine advanced 3D modelling with deep insight of human behavior and psychology.


Gamified simulation training immerses employees in authentic situations that involve human interaction and operation of business-critical software and systems.

Play more, learn more. At scale.

Harness the power of gamified training to truly engage your people and achieve real behaviour change in large organisations.

Measurable impact

Track the measurable impact on your business or organisation, whatever your KPIs.

Cost effective

Gamified simulation training is cost effective to run and easily scalable to all organisations. All while measuring valuable data.

Engaged for longer

Stay engaged for longer with interactive training that gets more from your workforce than video training.

Gamified simulation training

Provides multiple paths of progression and more rewarding and realistic outcomes than traditional forms of e-learning.


of staff demonstrated hands-on mastery of the new process to achieve certification.


said completing Attensi Process helped them in their real-life work.


stated that “the training was easy and intuitive to use”.

“We’ve combined the best of psychology, learning, and gaming to create a new category of training. One that engages and inspires your staff and, most importantly, has measurable impact on your organisation’s KPIs.”

Trond Aas, CEO and Co-Founder, Attensi

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