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People. Create. Value.

The key to mastering any skill or adopting a new behaviour is training and repetition. Attensi delivers world-leading, gamified 3D simulations that make corporate training fun. This way, you can bring out your people’s full potential. Not only will competence levels rise - profitability will, too.

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Sector Expertise

Attensi provides solutions for various sectors and industries, with significant and documented results for our customers. Our gamified training programs help managers with large-scale organisational change, creating long-lasting impact. We have a significant portfolio of R&D projects with leading industry and research partners. Click the icons below to learn more about sectors and business areas.


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Why Simulation-based Corporate Training?

There has been NO method to effectively change processes and behaviour in large organisations. Organisational development has relied on the same methods for 20 years: Classroom training, mentoring, videos, and linear e-learning.

Attensi’s gamified 3D simulations represent a radically new method to achieve real, measurable behaviour change. The method is a unique blend of gamification and realism, combined with deep and varied interactivity. The simulations are made fun and engaging by adapting to the individual participant.

User satisfaction survey and Retail customer case study 2017:

  • 99%

    “It was easy to start using the training”

  • 99%

    “I felt the scenarios were very realistic, similar to what I experience in my day-to-day-work”

  • 60%

    increased sales of product group after Attensi 3D simulation trainings

Repetition the Key to Successful Training

Our core belief is that to adopt a new behaviour you need to practice that specific behaviour, and repeat it multiple times. Gamification, competition and engagement with realistic content drives repetition in all Attensi solutions.

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The Attensi platform quickly became a key element in a comprehensive program that created significant uplift in total sales and basket size. Our employees enthusiastically embraced this form of training.
Pål Wibe, CEO Europris