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Our gamified simulated training is already trusted by industry leaders from around the globe

19% increase in productivity
5x faster to competence
90% knowledge gap closure
20x return on investment (ROI)

We make knowing your
business, our business

We’re with you all the way on your change journey.

Working with your subject matter experts, our gamification team takes your team’s knowledge and turns it into must-play training that addresses your needs and challenges.

From scoping projects and hands-on focus tests with your end users, to analytics and tracking for live projects, we transform insights into impact.

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AI is accelerating our content capabilities exponentially – you simply cannot afford to be left behind. Better quality content – fast. It’s a whole new world.

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Our game-based training is


Drive improvements across KPIs, including closing of the skills gap, increased completion rates, and faster time to competence.


We get to know your business levers, processes and culture to create playable simulations that replicate your working world.


Track your people and organization’s progress with real-time data, helping you understand where to focus your training.

Training from another world

Attensi game-based training simulations empower your employees to learn in acutely realistic scenarios.

Learn from mistakes in a safe environment, where the only consequences of your actions are progress, competence and mastery of skills.

Build confidence and skills in our world to become exceptional in yours.

Explore our game-changing products

Attensi | CREATOR

CREATOR makes you a game designer in a matter of minutes. Attensi’s no-code platform gives everyone the opportunity to make impactful and engaging games.

Attensi | PORTAL

PORTAL is a streaming service-style learning hub where you can store and access all your content, including minigames, videos, and documentation.

Attensi | SKILLS

Attensi’s SKILLS is a mobile training app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Test your team with minigames, quickfire challenges, and scenario-driven dilemmas.


Immersive first-person gameplay and 3D environments let your staff live through realistic and emotional experiences. Empower them to make memories and build skills that stick.

Attensi | PROCESS

PROCESS empowers your staff to work through real-world scenarios in the software they encounter day-to-day, be it a CRM like Salesforce or a hospital’s medical records software.

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