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Simulation training that powers your people

Make a meaningful impact on your teams’ skills and your organisation’s KPIs with measurable, scalable gamified training solutions.

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Engage and empower your team with cutting edge gamified simulations


Built for humans, by humans

To get the best out of people, you have to understand them.

Our 3D simulations are the perfect combination of highly technical modelling and insights into real human behaviour and psychology.

Dive into an immersive experience

Using authentic virtual situations, your teams will have the opportunity to simulate real-life interactions and carry out key business operations in a totally fail-safe environment.

Play more, learn more

Provide a unique learning experience that harnesses the power of gaming. Attensi’s training simulations couldn’t be easier to scale to create real cultural change in your organisation.

See the results

Know exactly what difference your training is making with key analytics. Make your learning and development offering the most effective it can be.

Cost effective, scalable training

Your gamified simulation training solution is a cost-effective way to train a large, international workforce in multiple languages.

Better engagement, better retention

We know knowledge retention increases with repetition. These interactive, immersive training solutions will see your teams returning time and time again.

Varied learning for your varied people

You’ll find a range of different games and activities suitable to suit the diverse learning styles in your organisation.


of staff demonstrated hands-on mastery of the new process to achieve certification.


said completing Attensi Process helped them in their real-life work.


stated that “the training was easy and intuitive to use”.

“We’ve combined the best of psychology, learning, and gaming to create a new category of training. One that engages and inspires your staff and, most importantly, has measurable impact on your organisation’s KPIs.”

Trond Aas, CEO and Co-Founder, Attensi

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