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In conversation with Group Head of Learning & Development at Marston’s PLC, Jane Murray, and Attensi BD Director, Greg Hull.

Learn how to empower your hospitality staff to deliver outstanding customer experiences.


Attensi Marston's hospitality training


Upskilling and onboarding a nationwide hospitality team of over 14,000 is a tall order at the best of times. Even more so while preparing for our industry’s biggest reopening in living memory.

As Group Head of Learning & Development at Marston’s PLC, that’s been the brief for Jane Murray and her team since mid 2020. Among the most recognisable pub groups in the UK, Marston’s has now implemented the largest training rollout in its long history. One that puts customer experiences first, over and above everything else.

In our exclusive conversation hosted by Attensi Hospitality BD Director, Greg Hull, Jane shares why prioritising the quality of your guests’ experiences is key to long term success. And the necessary steps needed to make outstanding service standards a reality for your staff.

Topic timeline:


01:17 – What Marston’s put in place for hospitality’s biggest ever reopening.

06:09 – How Marston’s ensure consistency of service across all sites.

09:00 – What differentiates ‘good’ and ‘great’ customer experiences?

14:29 – Making guest experience your number one metric.

18:01 – What have been the key takeaways from lockdown?

21:41 – How to achieve more with fewer hospitality staff.

28:05 – The biggest opportunities to look forward to.

Jane Murray – Group Head of Learning & Development at Marston’s PLC


“Focus on what your guests want, what they care about, and prioritise doing those things brilliantly. Strip out any other unnecessary complications. If you have limited resources they must be focussed on the things that matter.”


“Demonstrate that hospitality is a really viable career choice, with huge opportunities to grow and develop… be a business that new employees want to work for.”

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Group classrooms are not an option for the foreseeable future.

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❌ E-learning software is too linear, too restrictive, and does not engage like an interactive format should.

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