Brightspeed: Helping make the American dream of broadband a reality for customers

Fast-growing US internet provider required a fast and effective training plan to help in accomplishing the mission of connecting millions of people to the worldwide web. Partnering with Attensi, we delivered gamified simulation training in just five weeks.

Helping make the American dream of broadband a reality for customers

Brightspeed, the 5th largest incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) provider of home and business internet in the US, required a new training solution to help its sales agents onboard in an effective and engaging manner. And they needed it fast.

This was a project which needed to be developed and deployed promptly, and Attensi helped them co-create a top-quality gamified simulation training in just five weeks.

“Attensi has been a terrific partner – bringing world-class software, great minds and a collaborative spirit so that your training will be effective and fun.”

Kristen McCarthy 

Director | Small Business Product and Offer Management 

The training impressively developed salespeople as multi-skilled product experts, proficient in customer engagement, product knowledge and technical issues. It did so in a manner consistent with Brightspeed’s desire to create an environment where agents learn effectively and are engaged in the learning process.

In a matter of weeks, the innovative training was upskilling over 1,100+ Brightspeed agents as the company set out to accomplish its mission of providing millions of consumers with high-speed internet.

Skills and knowledge

The swift launch saw Brightspeed and Attensi create not one but two solutions with 19 training modules to accommodate various training needs of existing employees and new team members. On February 15, we launched:

Based on the Attensi PROCESS platform
Based on Attensi SKILLS

Attensi embarked on an intensive consultation process in which they worked closely with Brightspeed colleagues to better understand exactly the skills and knowledge their teams required.

Brightspeed was thrilled that the solutions were delivered on time and the results that followed. The feedback from the sales agents was exceedingly positive with 90% reporting they found this method of training to be engaging. The immediate impact was evidenced further when observing agent calls post training – as leaders witnessed agents demonstrate product expertise and proficiency in company systems while on customer calls.


Positioning Brightspeed training for success

As with all Attensi solutions, the goal was to co-create bite-sized sessions, featuring playable digital scenarios which accurately reflected real workplace scenarios. The training also had to feature competitive mechanics, giving learners the chance to score points and compare their progress against their colleagues. That encourages repetition of the training, which boosts knowledge retention – a key component of Attensi training.

“This training was very interactive, allowing the user to use a guided mode, and learn the steps required for each section or module in a user-friendly format.”

Chad Laws

Manager Center Sale & Care | Brightspeed

He added:

“Users got to experience a more fun way to take their training, thanks to the gaming feature. It really drives and motivates employees to score their best or even beat their best by retaking the modules to earn their highest score.”

“By allowing points for quick responses and extra points for answering questions correctly in a row, it challenges the employee to not only learn and pass the course, but to improve their speed in which they complete each task. I know that it challenged me even more to see my peers and employees scores, driving that internal motivation to get in the top performers.”

After training with BRIGHTSPEED DISCOVER, staff could:

Explain marketing messages confidently and expertly to customers

Understand Brightspeed’s full Fiber product offering and pricing

Pitch and sell solutions

Help customers make informed decisions

After training with BRIGHTSPEED ENGAGE, staff enjoyed full mastery of Brightspeed’s:

Ordering process

Customer relationship management

Customer call flows

And IT systems

Staff also said that after training with BRIGHTSPEED DISCOVER that they could build trust and relationships with customers with more developed customer service skills and increased product knowledge.


Continuous improvement

Implementation of such a successful training is allowing Brightspeed employees to offer broadband services to a vast number of people in the Midwest and Southeast United States with confidence. Improving access to broadband services transforms employment prospects for individuals and opens economic opportunities for communities and counties.

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