Step into another world with VR and AR training solutions

Take learning and development to a whole new universe.

Bring immersive, engaging learning to life with virtual reality and augmented reality training.


What is virtual and augmented reality training?

Virtual reality training

These three-dimensional worlds require headsets or glasses to fully utilise.

Users can place themselves right in the centre of the action and interact with the world around them.

Example: Organisations could create a simulated shop floor that new trainees can access before ever stepping foot in a bricks and mortar store.

Augmented reality training

Augmented reality enhances the real world around us with digital information.

This hybrid of the real and digital world is a brilliant, interactive training solution.

Example: When learning how to operate a new piece of machinery, organisations could overlay digital instructions that could be seen through a lens.

How VR & AR training solutions can benefit your organisation


Reduce onboarding time

Know that your new employees will be highly knowledgeable the moment they walk through the door.

Cover everything from the layout of the workplace to day-to-day processes using VR & AR training. When your new team member joins, you can focus on getting to know them and identify where they need any extra support.

They’ll be up and running in no time.

Ideal for highly skilled, technical training

Where your teams are using highly technical machinery or handling very specific operations, VR & AR simulations are a safe place for them to get used to their environment without the fear of any potentially damaging consequences.

This is particularly true for industries such as engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, and transportation.

Improve workplace safety

Needless to say, it’s a lot safer for your employees to make mistakes in a virtual space. If they get something wrong, they can simply try again until they get it right.

VR & AR also give you a practical, immersive way to sharpen up your in-house health and safety training.

No consequences. No one gets hurt. No problem.

Develop soft skills

As well as the technical advantages of virtual and augmented reality training, they’re a great way to develop customer service and interpersonal skills within the workplace.

With Attensi, you’ll have the power to design unique avatars that will interact with your team, allowing them to build on their people skills.

Strengthen brand and culture

Learning and development aside, virtual and augmented reality are brilliant tools to strengthen your company brand and culture.

With remote working now the norm, use these tools to allow bonds between co-workers to grow. Make your virtual office the place to be.

Remote training and accessibility

The increase in remote working has meant organisations can bring in some of the best talent from around the world. That’s why Attensi has made it our priority to make our gamified simulation training available to an international audience.

As well as the ability to roll out VR & AR training internationally, you’ll be providing an accessible alternative to training for those who may have difficulty with more traditional learning methods. Learning is for all.

Will my employees benefit from virtual and augmented reality training solutions?

There’s room for everyone when it comes to virtual and augmented reality.

These are just some of the employees we believe will benefit hugely from immersing themselves into your virtual worlds.


Retail and leisure

Shop floor employees

Restaurant employees (front and back of house)

Hotel employees

Transportation and logistics

Aerospace engineers

Shipping and naval industry workers

Long-distance lorry drivers

Medical and pharmaceutical

Hospital staff

Medical specialists


Medical students

First responders

Police officers



Industrial and factories

Manufacturers, engineers, or factory workers operating complex machinery


Offshore wind, solar, oil and gas workers

Why should I choose Attensi’s VR & AR training solutions?


Gamified VR & AR simulation training solutions

At Attensi, our aim is to make training as informative and fun as possible. What’s the latest in gaming technology? Virtual and augmented reality.

We’ve combined the best for gaming and learning and development to bring you unique, highly engaging modules that your team will love getting stuck into.

The gamified nature of your Attensi platforms means your team can compete against each other and work their way up the leaderboard. This repetitive learning style  encourages long term knowledge retention and ultimately, a better learning experience.

Who will come out on top?

Leading the way in VR & AR training in organisations around the world

Expand your training offering overseas. It couldn’t be easier with Attensi.

Your gamified simulation training modules can be accessed in over 140 different countries and 30 different languages.

Integrate your new reality with your existing LMS

It couldn’t be easier to blend the old with the new.

Our expert team is on hand to help you bring together the best of your existing LMS and your Attensi gamified simulation training solutions.

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What is the difference between VR and AR training?

Virtual reality is an entirely virtual world and has to be viewed through specialist headsets, technology, or devices.

Augmented reality combines the real world around with digital information that can be viewed on-screen.

When it comes to training, both can offer a more immersive experience than more traditional learning methods.

Can VR training be used for soft skills training?

Absolutely! Virtual and augmented reality scenarios are a brilliant way to develop your teams’ soft skills.

Industry-specific problems are accompanied by your own unique settings, avatars, and responses. Your team will be getting stuck in to develop their soft skills.

Can I combine VR & AR training with traditional training methods?

Combining the two can make for a really fun learning and development programme with plenty of variety.

You may want to use your VR & AR training as practical follow-ups to work your teams have done elsewhere. Attensi can help you to combine VR & AR training with your existing LMS for a smooth journey.

How can I speak with a VR training specialist?

Our experts can go through exactly what you need to help your teams take advantage of virtual and augmented reality training. Fill out the form below and we will contact you.