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Webcast: Preparing for your day with the C-Suite

Thomas Niven and Huw Newton-Hill were joined by Mark Cheshire (Former CEO of UK Private Bank, Lloyds Banking Group) and Maureen ‘Mo’ Phillips (Former Leader of EMEA Industry Learning at Deloitte) to discuss how gamified simulations help people prepare for conversations with the c-suite.

“Context is key. And I think my stakeholders really resonated with the sort of simulations that were delivered to us, or introduced to us. The key difference was we could add our own piece to it so we could customise it to a Deloitte perspective rather than just have a general simulation.”

Maureen Phillips, Former Leader of EMEA Industry Learning at Deloitte

Maureen ‘Mo’ Phillips (Ex EMEA Industry Learning Leader of Deloitte)

Credibility, content and empathy

When your time is short, you need to make an impact. And when dealing with real people, the outcomes are often unpredictable which makes it challenging to prepare effectively.

Both Mark and Mo have worked with professionals who are extremely experienced in their field but lack confidence in front of senior stakeholders.

For Mark, success is comprised of three key components: credibility, content and empathy. Historically, it’s been empathy, the human connection, that has been lacking.

Mark and Mo firmly believed there had to be a way of helping professionals prepare effectively for their moment in the boardroom.

‘Empathy is the point of differentiation. Maya Angelou said it best, ‘people may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.’’

Mark Cheshire, Former CEO of UK Private Bank, Lloyds Banking Group

Therefore, risk free and immersive simulations are the perfect training ground.

Simulations make all the difference for the professionals at Deloitte. Applying their learning to life-like scenarios enabled them to prepare more thoroughly for a variety of potential outcomes.

When it’s their time in the spotlight, the time they’ve spent practicing for that moment will give them confidence in front of the C-Suite.

As Mark discusses, every executive is going to be looking for something slightly different. Therefore, the risk-free, immersive and interactive simulation are the perfect training ground.


The ROI of simulation training

It’s one thing to train. It’s another thing entirely for that training to leave a lasting impression.

‘That’s extremely powerful when you think about how valuable these conversations are for the businesses themselves. The fact that they use what they’ve learned from the simulation in reality, is a very clear justification of ROI. That’s really exciting from a data perspective.’

Mark Cheshire, Former CEO of UK Private Bank, Lloyds Banking Group


About out guests

Mark Cheshire

Mark brings a wealth of experience to the webcast. During his 30 years at Lloyds Banking Group, he held a range of executive-level roles including CEO, UK Private Bank.

From here, he became the group CEO of Syndicate Asset Management PLC as well as working with the Bank of England, banking supervision during the post BCCI crisis.

A fellow of the chartered institute of bankers, Mark now runs his own consultancy business based on C-Suite effectiveness and mentoring.

Maureen ‘Mo’ Phillips

During her 30 year career at the EMEA industry learning lead for Deloitte, Maureen was one of the pioneers of simulation training.

Thanks to her hard work, simulation training became a key tool for developing a number of Deloitte’s most senior managers across a large number of sectors and industries.


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