Playing to win: Transform your pharmaceutical training with gamified simulations

Pharmaceutical training for sales and medical reps that engages and upskills your staff, consistently, at scale. Make measurable impact on the business KPIs that matter to you.

Get your free comprehensive guide to gamified simulation training for the pharmaceutical industry today.

In your comprehensive 12 page report you will discover:

  • Use cases on how gamified simulation training is already being used by leading players to address their skills gaps. Find out how 81% of employees at an international pharma company said simulation training made them think and act differently at work.
  • How to harness the opportunities for simulation training across your pharma business. Roll out impactful onboarding that will set your people up for early success. Empower them to master new protocols, product indications, and operating procedures wherever they are. Measure the results against the KPIs that matter to you.
  • The key steps to creating and executing effective gamified training programs to upskill your people. Start with your business metrics in mind, identify the key decision points staff need to prepare, and set rewards and goals for them to achieve.

The demands placed on pharmaceutical teams have never been greater.

  • Lightning-fast product launches every quarter.
  • Rising, demanding scrutiny from regulators.
  • Evolving customer expectations for confident teams with up-to-the-minute technical knowledge.

And yet, despite the industry’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of innovation, training still largely relies on methods that have not changed in over 20 years.

  • Passive reading materials
  • Tick box e-learning programs
  • One-off classroom training

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