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Increase your sales with Attensi gamified simulation training for retail

  • 96% of staff said Attensi training improved their product knowledge

  • 85% of staff felt training made them better at their jobs

  • Teams that had undergone Attensi training saw a sales increase by over 25%

“With the training and the pilot stores that first tested the tool, we saw a clear increase in the sales, and the increase was significant.”

Join some of the biggest names in the retail game


How can you use gamified simulation training to improve your retail organisation?

●      Interactive customer scenarios

●      Systems and procedure training

●      Sales skills and product knowledge

●      Health and safety best practices

Don’t be another victim of the ‘great resignation’

In November 2021, the number of US employees quitting their jobs rose to an enormous 4.5 million. And they weren’t alone.

69% of UK employees were confident about moving to a new job in the next couple of months.

One of the main reasons for this? Lack of career progression. According to a 2018 Workstars study, only 26% of employees felt their organisation’s development offering was doing enough for them.

Don’t lose your top talent. Give your teams the development they deserve.

Bridge the retail skills gap with gamified simulation training

“People will go into a job they know they’re going to get something back from – it’s not just about going to work for work’s sake.”

Retail staff onboarding

  • Onboarding new hires
  • Training up any seasonal employees
  • Product and services training
  • Loss prevention training
  • Business culture and brand inductions

Retail staff skill development

  • CPD training
  • Sales skills development
  • Customer service training and development
  • Improving communication skills
  • Best practice and refresher sessions
  • Product and services training

Retail management training

  • Specific corporate training for office employees
  • People management and communication training
  • Stock management training
  • Identify your talent with assessment and development
  • Compliance training

Modernise retail training with Attensi

Our gamified simulation training is the perfect companion for retail. The flexible, mobile nature means your teams will fit their modules in around their busy schedules.

Bring back the fun to learning with battle modes and mini games. Who will come out on top?

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