How to Get Your People Ready for Hospitality’s New Normal

with Adam Rowledge


British Travel & Hospitality Hall of Famer Adam Rowledge has over 20 years of experience as a top hospitality operator. Now in his role as MD of Rowledge Associates, he advises leading players in hospitality and retail – including the likes of Hotelhero – helping them to adopt a people-first approach.

As an award-winning advocate of businesses taking a people-first approach, Adam was a natural choice for this session tackling the top staffing questions asked by our community of hospitality operators.

Watch this conversation with Attensi Hospitality BD Director, Greg Hull, to learn more about getting back to work safely, supporting staff on the front line, and the value of ‘multi-skilling’ your people.

Topic timeline:


02:35 – How to make the transition from furlough to ‘back to work’.

10:54 – Understanding the value of ‘cross-skilling’ your staff.

18:01 – Supporting your people’s mental well-being during reopening and beyond.

23:36 – How to handle ‘survivor guilt’ amongst your staff with compassion.

27:10 – Training your people when face-to-face classes are not a option.

“I’ve been saying this to everyone from the start [of furlough]… there’s never been a greater time to engage with our teams in training and development.”


“The statistics show that people who receive regular appreciation from their managers are four times more likely to stay with businesses.”


“You don’t remember everything you hear in an eight hour training session… Repetition in anything – whether learning a language or performing any kind of work-based skill – is really important.”

In Case You Missed It…


In April, we caught up with Marco Reick – a leading hospitality operator and HR leader for over 17 years, holding director positions with the likes of LEONBill’sBlack Sheep CoffeeThe Restaurant Group, and many more.

In his conversation with Attensi, Marco took questions from our community of hospitality operators and shared his views on:

✔️ How to keep furloughed staff engaged.
✔️ Whose brand values are standing up to the test.
✔️ Why right now is the time to test new initiatives.



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Attensi is the world’s leading gamified simulation training provider. Driven by the best of psychology, learning, and gaming, Attensi’s solutions engage staff with measurable impact.

Today, Classroom training is no longer an option.

Mentoring through video chat ties up your best people and removes them from where they are most effective.

E-learning software is too linear, too restrictive, and does not engage like an interactive format should.

Find out today how gamified simulation training could empower your people with the skills to tackle the ‘new normal’, with measurable impact on your business goals.



"Training staff to deliver exceptional customer service consistently is incredibly difficult. That is why I'm delighted to partner up with Attensi who deliver an innovative solution that is not only effective but is also fun."
Julian Metcalfe, Itsu Founder

Changing the Way Operators Train Their Employees

The key to mastering a skill or adopting a new behaviour is repetition. By using gamified simulations operators can deliver training that engages their employees to try and try again until they have truly mastered the content.

A Proven Method for Impacting Operational KPIs

Gamified simulations are not just a more fun and engaging form of training. They have also been proven to deliver real-world impact.


itsu chose Attensi to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the food-to-go sector: staff turnover.