Three UK: Connecting staff with their learning

Discover how Three UK, a leading telecommunications company, is enhancing employee training through gamification with Attensi. Explore their experience, the impact on employee engagement, and their hopes for the future of learning and development in the retail industry.

Connecting staff with their learning

UK based telecommunications company, Three UK are on a mission to provide better connectivity every day, for every customer. With nearly 300 stores around the country, Three wanted to make sure their people felt as connected to their learning and development as their customers do when they use their service.

We met Head of UK Retail, Craig Miller, Head of Region, Evelyn Johnson, Senior Digital and Learning Manager, Gordon West and Senior People Development Manager Nikki Scarf to find out more about their experience gamifying their training with Attensi.


Breaking the retail talent trends

It’s no secret that there have been challenges for many retailers when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. The team at Three recognized this and have taken steps to make sure they have the best people employed, and that they’re trained and developed so they can build on their ambitions and career goals.

For Craig, there has never been a more important time to stand from an employee experience point of view. There are so many options available and he knows that talented people will leave if they’re not being nurtured and offered new experiences or opportunities to develop. He hopes that Attensi will add a new layer of passion and competition to this retail team.

Gordon explains that the team had been searching for a gamified way of training for some time. And when they came across Attensi, he knew almost immediately that this product was what they had been looking for. Blending a variety of games and realistic scenarios was going to be the perfect fit for their retail team.

Bringing the competition back to retail

The whole team shares a love for competition and wanting to beat their colleagues to the top of the leaderboard. Evelyn and Craig in particular, have noticed a real fire being ignited in the store teams.

Retail and sales is a naturally competitive career. This time of competitive training really lends itself to the type of people they have in their teams – with many of them playing in their free time to help them get higher in the rankings.


Real scenarios in real time

Everyone commented on the unique Attensi experience of seeing realistic day-to-day scenarios play out in front of your very eyes. Nic comments that traditional, more classroom-based training can at times feel a little two dimensional and school-like. But those days are gone with Attensi.

Staff can now go into a scenario in the workplace, and they may have just played through it in their training that same day. They can feel more empowered and more confident to make the right calls, and to (hopefully) make the sales. And for Craig, he can now update the content accordingly depending on what they’re currently pushing in store. Or, from using the analytics built into the Attensi platform, he and the team can add additional content to fill any potential skill gaps.

Gordon personally likes that you have to complete modules before moving on the next thing. Staff have to demonstrate a certain level of understanding and skill mastery before progressing to the next level.

“Attensi really brought training to life with realistic scenarios. We want to build on that as we move forward.”

Gordon West

Senior Digital and Learning Manager


What are your hopes for the future with Attensi?

After beginning a smooth, simple collaboration with Attensi, the team at Three hope to build on the gamification training they’ve introduced. They’ve already noticed staff going back time and time again to improve their scores – engagement for the new training solution is certainly high.

Gordon finishes by saying,

“I hope it continues to make an impact and that people are excited about learning.”

We hope so too, Gordon! If you’d like to experience a more connected, engaged workforce through your learning and development, it’s time to speak to the game changers at Attensi.

Are you ready to level up your training?

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