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Attensi latest news: Oct. ’21

Master your IT systems with Attensi PROCESS

Successfully launching new IT systems and processes is critical to success in a digital world. Business Leaders need to drive adoption, reduce resistance to change, and find the best way to train their employees remotely, and at scale.

Attensi PROCESS provides an innovative solution for IT-centric training. Whether you’re onboarding new recruits or need company-wide adoption of your IT-systems, Attensi PROCESS provides a bitesize simulation-based training that makes people master your digital tools.

Reduce your training time 

Reduce  training time by  50-70 %*. Not only will you save time, you’ll save money in hiring venues and professional trainers.

*PROCESS training compared to classroom based training.

Your staff will love it

Show your teams that training can be fun.  

Leave any resistance to learning and development behind with gamified solutions. 

Train remotely and at scale

Maintain quality training standards in a modern remote working world.  

You’ll be able to train thousands of staff on a single platform in just one click.

Reporting made simple

Find out where your team is struggling,  what they’ve learnt and identify new opportunities to innovate your training.

Simple reporting built right into your Attensi platform.



How Posten cut their training time in half with Attensi PROCESS  

Posten, the Norwegian Postal Service, needed a way of training their employees in their new Point of Sales system. Mastering this new system was essential for maintaining the quality of service and reaching their KPIs. Since introducing Attensi PROCESS, Posten has seen:

⏱️ Time to onboard a new employee was cut in half*

❤️ 9 of 10 employees liked this way of training

? 9 out of 10 users said they learned to master the Point of Sales system

“The games are realistic and engaging, and highly relevant to various challenges the store’s employees face in their daily work.”

How could your organisation benefit from simulation led process training? See it in action.

*This is the overall cut-down on onboarding where Process is a part of it in addition to Behaviour.

Introducing Attensi PROCESS DOCS 2.0

Use Attensi PROCESS DOCS as a library for all your IT-centric processes. You’ll have access to all of your learning content, as well as a database of your modules – perfect for looking up certain processes after training, without having to replay entire modules from the beginning.

You’ll be able to gain unique insights into how your teams are using their simulations, including how much time they’ve spent playing and how much support they needed throughout the process, whether they clicked correctly or whether they needed more support.

Using these insights will help you to refine your learning and development programme for future players. The added benefit? You’ll be able to fully access your documentation on both desktop and mobile.

How NHS Liverpool University Hospitals are using Attensi PROCESS DOCS to improve their everyday 

? Since launching Attensi PROCESS, NHS Liverpool University Hospitals have trained almost 5,000 employees in their new systems.

? PROCESS DOCS has been a game changer for the hospital. Doctors and nurses can now complete their training at their own convenience without being removed from their busy shifts.

The average person has used PROCESS DOCS more than 18 times!

? See our full webcast with Jacqui Cooper (CNIO at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) for more information. 

Try out Attensi PROCESS yourself with this ‘Teams’ game 

Over the last 18 months, we’ve all had to get comfortable with working virtually. This in itself has been a process. And what do you need to help user adoption? Process training.  

Ready to see Attensi PROCESS in action?  

? Try our desktop Microsoft Teams remote working gamified solution now.

Work through series of mini-games and become the master of Teams remote working.  

Join the others already using Attensi PROCESS 

Want to know more about Attensi PROCESS? Contact us today.

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