Attensi, a gamified learning specialist, has been recognized as a leading player in HR training by Fosway Group, one of the HR sector’s most respected voices. Attensi has joined the 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning with a high rating for ‘Potential’, based on the “scope, capability and sophistication” of the platform and services.

Attensi Recognized in 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning as AI and Impact Data are identified as “Key Differentiators.”

Game-based learning and people performance platform specialist Attensi, has been recognized as a leading player in HR training by Fosway Group, one of the HR sector’s most respected voices, for the second year in a row.

Attensi is featured in the 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning as a Strategic Challenger.

The report for the 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning emphasises the importance of agility and innovation as AI has a game-changing impact on how we create and use training content. The report also emphasises the acute demand for evidence of ROI to justify budgets in the current economic climate.

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group

“The economic climate has increased pressure on all providers to be agile and innovate even faster, especially in delivering effective solutions rapidly. But AI is going to change that enormously, by changing the way content is created, and the way it will be accessed and consumed. Expect to see an acceleration of AI adoption, but also a visible impact on how companies assess their buying options”

Generative AI features on the Attensi platform are already making a significant impact as clients embrace Attensi co-pilots, auto-translators, automated voice-overs and a growing suite of AI tools. As always, the built in analytics tools empower Attensi clients to measure and report accurate impact results.

On the subject of impact data and analysis, Trond says, “We continue to prioritise our ability to accurately measure impact results and demonstrate KPI evidence. This has always been a crucial differentiator for Attensi as data analytics are built into the Attensi model. We continue to embrace new ways to empower clients with impact data. As emphasised in the Fosway report, this ability to accurately measure impact results is acutely important and “the pressure to show value will only continue to intensify.” We are excited for the road ahead.”

As we look to the road ahead, it is also interesting to reflect on the journey so far. Much has changed since Attensi made the Fosway 9-Grid™ in 2023 and yet some elements of the report remain constant, including the need for impact analysis and data. Attensi’s inclusion in the Grid for the second year in a row reflects our ability to remain true to our core values whilst we also advance at pace, embracing new technology and new possibilities for our clients.

The 2023 Fosway report warned that many learning providers’ teams still struggle to measure their impact. “Key to protecting learning budgets is the ability of learning teams to articulate their value,” the report said. In 2024 the Fosway report is equally strong on this point, emphasising the significance of impact data in order to justify learning budgets.

Our inclusion on the grid for the second consecutive year is in part testament to Attensi’s consistent focus on accurate impact data. The Attensi platform includes built-in data analytics tools that can be used to assess progress and measure KPIs.

About the Fosway 9-Grid 

Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst. Fosway 9-Grid™ provides a unique assessment of the principle learning and talent supply options available to organisations in EMEA. The analysis is based on extensive independent research and insights from Fosway’s Corporate Research Network of over 250 organisations, including BP, HSBC, PwC, RBS, Sanofi, Shell, and Vodafone. 

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